Hanging Luigi

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Chapter 1: The Hanging

I had my GameCube for 6 years. I always wanted Luigi's Mansion for a long time. I went on eBay to find out. When I found a copy of Luigi's Mansion. It was titled, "Luigi Mansion". But, suddenly...it was actually PC game. I clicked "Buy". But, it downloaded. It was named "Dead_Luigi.exe" I started it. Everything's fine till the phone scene. A shadow of Luigi, hunged by a noose. I was shocked. Suddenly, the game frozed. I fear it crashed, but it resumed the game, only more...creepier. Luigi was attacked by a ghost, and he was hung. The game ended. I was scared.

A screenshot of the shadow.

Chapter 2: Zombie Luigi?!

3 weeks later, I turned on my computer. I was startled. The game started. Automatically! I tried to hard restart, but the computer didn't turned off. It showed Luigi, hunged. It stayed like that for 5 minutes, and the rope wore out and broke. Then, Luigi started walking, like a zombie...then it go back to Luigi being hunged. I unplugged the computer, and Ghost came, grabbing me to the game. I shouted, "Oh God! HELP! NOW!" I felt like I was at hell.

The Ghost I encountered. He look exactly like the Ghost from Pokemon.

Chapter 3: Hellish Nightmare

I read a lot of Creepypastas, and I encountered was Luigi being hunged, and me near Luigi. I am about to be hunged! Jeff, Squidward, Ghost, all the Creepypastas were there. Watching my death. BEN put a noose in my neck. Luigi spoken to me, he say "Shh...relax. Morte (Morte is Italian for Death) will be here." I was scared as shit. Till, Ben kick me off and I was hunged. Choking to death...I died. Till, Jeff grabbed his knife. He stabbed me in the heart. I was floating...in a void. Link was there. He said, "You shouldn't done that..." and he charged towards me. I screamed. Then, I awoke. Still alive. One whole piece.

Chapter 4: Epilogue

On my 20th Birthday, I got a present from my mom. It was Luigi's Mansion. I knew my nightmare will come, but I played it anyways. I saw the glitch...Luigi being hunged, but I realized it was just a glitch.

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