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A very old (and very stupid) creepypasta that dates back to 2011.

Part 1

There is a well hidden trick on Google, and is Google Satanic. I know people who fell victim to this page, and tell them not at all pleasant. You'll spend the worst moment of your life. Among those victims was my best friend and me. I really do not want talk about it, but I have to say, not to live the same experience as me. If you search Google Satanic in Google or another search engine, you will not find anything. But one thing no one has ever tested, is to be connected to a network, that has not been identified, as I'm using right now. Myself, I had cut off the internet, because he did the homework, and I took advantage of it when my parents slept, and used the notebook. One day, I invite my best friend to my house, I see a little worried. He tells me I hear about a legend of a Google secret. My parents would not let us use the notebook to find out about this hidden Google, and I said I was going to walk with my best friend, and make them take the notebook to sleep, a place where no one. We try to find some sign of internet, because he lived in a field, and found one, and saw that it came from an abandoned house. Would not go for fear that something happens to us, but we had the courage to do. Upon entering, we saw that there was a desk that only had a modem. The house was very small. We connect the notebook, charger, mouse, and then connect the internet. The Internet was called ivanCorverfit, and connect, no password asked us to what we made it easier to connect. Already connected, we entered into Google, and Google put Satanic. We believe that nothing was known about this, but we were wrong. Giving enter, appeared a page that said "Google Satanic: The Door to Hell", and the url I regret having entered the site, until today. When open, the Google logo appeared, but with red letters. the search button, said nothing, like that of I'm feeling lucky. only had 6 points. Thinking it was a page of a geek, we wanted to close the browser, go home and give the legend as false, but something strange happened. Giving click to close, change the background of Google to be a demon. Squeeze again, and this time the Google logo appeared with blood dripping, and the "Search" button, went on to say, "Kill", and the button "I'm feeling lucky", he said, "Burn". Thinking that the buttons did not serve, call my enemy, now I miss him. By attending, I wanted to cut, but I said wait, and put your name on Google search Satanic. Then I pressed the kill button, and heard a shot from the call, and was heard as the phone fell to the floor. When I cut the call, I left with a terrible trauma, like my best friend, who was scared enough. We wanted to turn off the notebook, and give off, in the search put the name of my friend, and moved the mouse button just to kill. I scared, I wanted it shut with the button to turn off the notebook and the worst way. The machine is labeled, then began to hear noises in the house, and appointed to my best friend, then the notebook is regained, but Google Satan began to catch on fire, dripping blood, and something horrible happened. The machine began to fire and began to drop blood on the screen. They began to hear screams, and a horrible voice, began to speak, as if it were a ritual, but a Satanic ritual. Then the house started getting red, the flames of the notebook began to spread through the house, and the blood ran down the walls. We wanted to leave but the door would not open. We tried to escape from the window, but the window disappeared, as if it were a house owned. Then he began to hear noises from the ceiling, very strong, and then the notebook, he began to bleed more and more,hand the Google logo left hand, all full of blood, and try to take my friend. I try to help, but the roof came a bigger hand coming from a hole, and grabbed me to also take me to hell. I did everything I could, but to no avail. My friend had sucked the notebook, and I do not have much time left before the hand take me to hell. I did the best I could, until finally I had my hand loose, but that cost me break my ribs, and get me an arm. I had to break the door to escape and out, bleeding and crying, try calling my parents, but there was no sign in the middle of the field, which I thought was even weirder because it was a signal to the internet. As I found my home, walk, walk and walk until you get to a hospital, where I managed the ribs, but I had to live without an arm. My parents came after he fixed my ribs, and I explain what had happened. Upon leaving the hospital, I wanted to show my parents that the legend was real, going to a cyber, but look, I found nothing, so I also realized that the result appeared when the network was connected to ivanCorverfit. Months passed, and I was scared by the Google Satanic, but did not give up when I wanted to show my parents that the legend was real. I was accompanied by my parents, and upon arrival, saw the house, all in pieces. me with great fear, I opened the door and found the notebook turned on, and was on the screen, a message saying, Google satanic coverfit were created, all written in disturbingly and the walls were written all victims of page, including my friend and I. I'm out to mourn, because I had lost my best friend. I grab a hammer that was in a box of tools hidden, and destroyed the notebook for my friend to rest in peace. I went to tell the police, but did not believe us. me, after that moment, never used Google again. I'm using this new computer to write to you. Never go to Google Satanic, I tell you, I passed the worst moment of my life

Part 2

I never thought I would pass, let alone thought I would lose everything I had. Remember that time when they talk of a satanic google, of one IvanCorverfit because I never believe what happened. June 10, 2011, at 9 am, I wake up to go to school. As always, we live in a very poor society and i was dicriminated for my lack of arm, and many thought I killed my friend in the countryside where I live, but they do not know what me and my friend had. Every time I think of what I experienced, I cry in pain. On leaving school, I walk around my neighborhood, and I meet a person who asks me for money because it was very poor, and I only had 10 pesos, and since I'm not a bad person, I decided to give it. He thanked me and told me to follow him, I would show a surprise. On the one hand I thought he was going to kill me or rape me, but otherwise I thought i was going to get something good, but it was only a thought, because what they are to hear will be something I will never forget. We went through the field where he had lived the worst in the world, and he said he lived in an abandoned house, then I left in shock as everything matched. The field in which I lived through the death of my friend and an abandoned house, they are guessing friends. The person who was walking was such Corverfit Ivan, the creator of google satanic. To hear where I lived, I thought. Is this person Ivan Corverfit? I never knew the answer until I told it the same, I said his name was Ivan Corverfit. From there, I ran to my house crying, knowing she was about to happen again the worst crack in my life. While running, I started yelling things like, going to die, you can not escape your death, will meet you and I will kill you, but I went on and running. When I got home, I told my mother to close the house, who had just found the Corverfit Ivan, and she, by I was thinking, because if you remember she saw the message on the computer destroyed, that said Corverfit Ivan was the creator, but then thought he was joking. She thought twice and thought he was crazy after he allegedly went through, and locked me in my room. I knew what happened from there would not be good, because if what happened to the site was horrible, the creator could make me suffer more. Since that time, never left my room. spent days and I would not let anyone between, until in a moment the night became very dark and cold, and I was hungry and thirsty and decided to leave for a time in my room, but opened the door, my parents were dead. The house was surrounded by blood, and the table was written in a URL, which I will not say for various reasons, and apparently if this mess was caused by Ivan Corverfit, I would not be another open my new notebook, and write the url. I had no internet, but the page work, which I thought was weird. I knew this was going to end badly, but I had no choice. When you open the url, a google appeared normal, without any fault. I did not know what to do because if I touched something that changes or close the url, something catastrophic would happen. But do not expect to stay there, so try to get something. I thought something would happen, but everything was normal. Everything he did, everything was normal, though without the Internet, even worked. So try searching google satanic, but nothing appeared. I thought it was good, but as it was from Ivan, that would end ugly. Look for Ivan Corverfit google the word, and already there began the terror. By putting the word Ivan, I appeared on the suggestions many times the word Ivan Corverfit, and for me that was not good, because if you try to find Ivan Corverfit the normal google, nothing appears related. But never again use google, not sure what changes were made. Ivan Corverfit already putting in the search, I knew my death would be approaching. Delete it without any problem but when I wanted to find something else, each letter was Ivan Corverfit word, no matter what letter you use as long finish writing Corverfit Ivan. Finally, before breaking the notebook already had planned to do, look for the last time word Corverfit Ivan, and this time the word Satan appeared, and was redirected to a page that was completely black, and where you write the the word appeared url I used to break the notebook, I do not kill me Ivan, and then broke my notebook. The terror was over, or so I thought. At the break, I felt someone was behind me, and from the reflection of the glass you could see the shape of a person, and I turned, I saw Ivan Corverfit, telling you, I, I, heh, and then left me unconscious. Upon waking, I feel I'm in the house of Ivan with the same modem and the same notebook that had destroyed again. He said that now the fun begin, and with those words, the computer broke it began to rebuild, and began to write words that I did not understand which were the direct access to When you write, the screen is completely filled with blood, and the search began to quickly write the names of everyone he knew, and gave the button to kill, so I started screaming for help, but nobody listened to me. The house was becoming hell. The walls and the roof disappeared, and outside was not a field, but were skin and bones, fire, blood, and I realized it was hell. Every second spent the souls of my loved ones, my friends, everyone I knew, and Ivan was turning slowly into the devil, and the computer was turning on the parka, I could not believe everything I saw was completely real, and sparing his oz, began to open my body, but i felt nothing, and started to get my soul slowly and I began to die. The last five seconds of my life, Ivan, or rather the devil told me to continue living, but when i woke up, all I saw disappear. A few seconds passed and I woke up in a special room for the insane, was in a madhouse. And as if that I experienced was real? because the person is listening to this, is listening to the Demon.

Part 3

I am a caseworker supernatural and always come to the conclusion that it was all a misunderstanding, but the last case I investigated, there was a misunderstanding, was a reality, and never thought that this case would take my friends to death. The last case I investigated, it was Google Satanic. Was a normal day, I talk with my friends in my home when I call my fellow researchers and I talk about a child who allegedly had seen the devil himself. I found it odd that a child is affected, so I went to where the child locked in the madhouse. Upon arrival, I asked one of the workers there let me see the child, who nesecitan talk with, but not let me. I explained about all supernatural cases in which he worked, and told me that nothing else could go for 5 minutes to talk with the child. Enter the room and the boy was lying on the ground, trembling, and touched it back to get his attention and talk, and when the boy turned, looked at me smiling a devilish way, I found a little disturbing, but I lost no time and started asking him things he had seen, because he feels that the devil was in search of him, and when I told him everything, I left the room half traumatized. It was weird because I had not happened before, but I took no importance and I told my friends. We started to investigate this case. Supposedly, the kid went to one such site called Google Satanic. He talked about its design, the creator, to me that he had lived a horrific experience, but remembered nothing of what he saw. I looked for information about computer spirits, which is like an Internet network demonize. Is accomplished by a ritual called " Akuma Shokuhin (悪魔食品)", which involves summoning a demon through a material circle inexplicable, and say words in different orders, but ending with a phrase that I can not tell. Believe me I've tried, and I know the cure. The cure is to break the modem from the Internet. After finding out about it, I searched for spirits hacked computer networks, and found only one, which coincided with what the child had said. The network is called, "ivancorverfit". I could not believe what the child had said was true. When I saw that net, I was afraid to connect to my PC, but I took courage and I did. It connected the network, my computer began to unravel, until completely extinguished. No catch her again, not because it was broken, but because the light it left a message saying something written in a language I do not know, all stained with blood. I used another PC and a program I got into my other PC broken, tears fell and I only see what was inside. Upon entering, appeared the image of my wife hanged in the roof, my son without a head, and my sister with no arms or legs or eyes. It was horrifying and shocking, but even worse was when I opened Internet Explorer to go to that page called I managed to get in, and I swear that's no joke, I nearly died of fear. It was horrible, I saw the logo of Google as no one had seen before, was bloodied, the fund was horrible, you could almost see hell itself, and the buttons and words frightened even more. I did not think it was serious, but it was something that struck me in truth. I relaxed, took the situation calmly, and investigated the source of the page. What I imagined. The buttons sent to a satellite coordinates that identifies the person closest to the PC, with the name that we had set. Did not think the Internet could reach that far, but that was not the worst. With the data that the child had told me the page change if we tried to close the browser, and I tried. Google's bloody and infernal background, something happened that left me in shock. The logo of Google, was all black, began to hear noises from my house, the dishes were beginning to break, everything falls apart. I tried to close it again, and passed the worst of it. The background was quite real, you could almost reach in and go to hell, and the Google logo was transformed into a demon, little by little, and looked to be coming to the screen. I was away from the monitor, and the demon came closer and closer, until a point where I could not believe the devil had left the screen. My house was falling apart and turned into hell, I began to see how everything changes, the PC became the Grim Reaper, and appeared in the same place where it all began, I appeared at the home of Ivan Corverfit. I was sitting, unable to move, and the sparse and Ivan came to me. The Grim Reaper began to take off the soul from the body, while I looked like my body was destroyed, as I was dying slowly. Before he died, I remember listening to Ivan saying something. I woke up and thought he was dead, but no. Appeared again in the house of Ivan, with only a modem and a desk. Why had not awakened, but destroyed the modem to cure the computer network of the spirit. By breaking the modem, the unexpected happened. I left the house of Ivan, and the amazing thing was seeing dead people everywhere. I thought I had ruined everything, but it was not. All these people had been dead for thousands of years in the same place, and Ivan and others were dead. I thought I had discovered and solved the case of Google Satanic, but on returning to the research room all my friends, my family, all known people found dead in front of my eyes, and that was me. Then grab my computer and started writing this horrifying experience just living. I'm writing as fast as I can, and I know many will not believe what I say, say it's impossible, but things are impossible for those who do not try. I try, and I regret having done it. Behind this is that the devil to kill me and take me to hell, but I want to leave a message before he died. It is described as inexplicable originated this story, as the page was created primarily as it ended. Something that is that Google will no longer Satanic kill anyone else, but you go after you, will be Ivan Corverfit, or rather, Satanas...

Credited to FireFenix76 
Originally uploaded on August 11, 2011

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