Good Guy Shoes

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There they were, sitting on my bed in a big yellow box. The shoes I have been waiting my whole life for. I pulled straight A's on my report card, so dad picked them up for me. The craftmanship of the box; beautiful. Then I slid out the drawer, there they were; the Good Guy Shoes. On top said a letter, a message written in blood. Well, not blood. It was red marker. But still, it kinda looked like blood. Anyways, I read the letter out loud.

"To whom it may concern:

Once upon a time, there was an evil, red-headed, Irish thug... named Doug. He used to rob everyone. He was being chased by a crazy kid named Kurtis. Apparently, Doug stole Kurtis' yoyo, and Kurtis wanted it back. He wasn't gonna stop at nothing. Doug had already been shot, and was bleeding badly. He knew the only way he was gonna get away, is if he killed Kurtis. So he unloaded the clip. But Doug missed every single shot. Doug knew he didn't have much longer. As Kurtis reloaded his gun, he was screaming out at Doug. "Just tell me where the yoyo is!" As Doug sat there bleeding, he looked over, and he saw a box of Good Guy Shoes. With his last energy, he crawled over to the shoes, then as he sat there holding the shoes, he died. As Kurtis came around the corner to make Doug tell him where the yoyo was, it was too late. Doug was dead. Kurtis would never get his yoyo back, and now Doug's soul posesses those very pair of shoes.

The end."

I thought to myself, "This has to be a joke! There is no way these shoes can be possesed." So I crumbled up that stupid note, and threw it on the ground. Then I busted those shoes out, hugged them, rocked them, and gave them a kiss, then slipped em on my feet. That's when it happened.

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