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Old 2010 copypasta

This is what's great about getting old. I'll read this, forget all of the information and go see the movie. I will enjoy it, half way through the movie I'll forget what the plot is, get confused and go to the parking lot and try to find my car by holding my keys over my head and pushing the panic button until my alarm goes off. Which will scare the shit out of me, and I will think it is a cop, because I already have one arm up. I bring the other hand up and get on the ground, hands behind my back. Then I will fall asleep. The next morning I will find my car, a mere three feet away. I get inside and discover the battery has somehow died, so I call a tow company. After an hour, for some reason, a tow truck shows up and a man starts running toward my car. He's screaming, so I lock the windows and hide in the back seat. I never realize that I've set myself on fire from the cigarette I forgot that I'd lit twenty minutes ago. I become an hero. This thread is great. My name is George, are there rules on this internet page?

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