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I was a swat team captain. I'm retired now, but I have seen some very messed up shit. We have dealt with psychos, terrorists, and even some cryptids. I am a brave guy, I once rushed into a fight with a grizzly bear to save a park rangers life. However, my life had changed completely when I met him. A genocidal maniac that has been cited somewhere deep in the woods. I still remember those blazing eyes that stared right into my soul. I remember the screams, the gutters, and the cries for help. I was forty six years old when it happened. My team was transported to the last cited location. I didn't know why they wanted us to bring the heaviest artillery that we could access. It was as if we were hunting bigfoot. What we got was much worse. The name of the killer was Ray Darek Zorson. Or as you might know him as Genocidal Ray. He was a huge german man who had killed his uncle back when he was still alive. That's right. Still alive. It turns out Ray died at the age of twenty seven, which was fifteen years ago. I didn't believe in ghosts. I might have said I dealt with cryptids, but in my opinion, the paranormal was bullshit. I believed it was just some freaks trying to use the legend to keep people out of those woods. Multiple bodies were found massacred in that forest so I could understand why. What I realized about the victims however, was that none of them seemed to be really good people in life. Some of them were thugs, smugglers, wanted criminals, and just plain old assholes. My team and I believed that we had found the current location of whoever was really killing those people. My goal was to prove to everyone that Ray Zorson really was dead and was never the poltergeist they thought haunted those dark woods, or that there is such thing as a poltergeist. As the choppers landed and my squad jumped out onto the cold forest floor, I felt shivers down my spine. I don't know why but I had a bad feeling about this mission. As the choppers lifted back up and into the air, I could have sworn I was shivering. Not because it was cold, which it wasn't. I felt like we needed to get out of those woods right at that moment. I motioned for my squad to move out. Moving along, the woods seemed to get darker and dryer. I could hear the sound of the forest creatures all around us. I could barely even focus on my surroundings with the amount of dread I felt. I was so confused with the way I was feeling. I was never that scared in my life. One of my teammates even asked me if I was okay, which I said yes. Deeper into the forest, the sounds of the forest animals started to faint. I could feel sweat throughout my body, like it was raining. We stopped for a second to scope the area. As we did, I saw a strange warehouse in the distance. I signaled for two of my teammates to approach it. As they got closer, I felt like I was sending them to their doom. Like that warehouse was a cave with a deadly monster just waiting to strike. The two stood side by side to the door of the warehouse, which happened to be opened. Standing on opposite sides of the door, they shined their flashlights around the area. There was nothing around that seemed out of the ordinary. Then one of them shined the flashlight into the opened door. Once the light shined into that warehouse, my heart almost stopped. It was only lit up for a second, but I saw a large hulking figure standing in the doorway. Then a large hand grabbed one of the officers and pulled them inside the warehouse. The other tried to run towards us, but was grabbed by another large hand and forced inside that warehouse. I heard screaming coming from the inside. Then I heard a blood curdling sound. It sounded like flesh being torn apart and thrown opposite sides. Once I heard this I yelled at the rest of the team to fire. Loud banking from our guns exploded into the air as we all aimed and fired at that opened door. We all kept firing until our guns were empty. Once it was all quiet and nothing was happening, everyone reloaded their guns and we approached the warehouse. I slowly got closer to the door and shined my flashlight into the warehouse, ready to see a sight I would never forget. There were two bodies in there and they were my teammates. I was horrified to see that one of them had been torn in half and the other hanging from the ceiling by a chain. However, the large figure was not in there. I quickly turned around and was about to yell for my teammates to fall back, then I heard more screaming. It came from my left. I turned to see the large figure standing over another member of my squad with a large axe slashing at him. He yelled for help as the rest of my squad fired at the figure. However, the figure didn't go down. The bullets didn't even seem to be piercing him through his flesh. It was like they were just hitting him and just falling on the ground. Five of my teammates rushed to the figure and started hitting him with the guns like they were baseball bats. The figure threw them all off with ease and grabbed the officer he was standing over, lifted him in the air and tore him in half. I could see that this guy looked a hundred percent human, but standing at about eight feet tall. He was extremely wide and bulky. He wore a grey trench coat with black matted pants and old shoes. But what I noticed immediately was that he was wearing a rusted iron mask. The mask had no lip or mouth hole, just a nose and eye hole. I couldn't see his eyes as he kept turning around swinging that large axe and killing my squad. I turned and radioed for a chopper to come and assist us. After telling them of our location, all I got was that they were ten minutes away from our location. We didn't even have five minutes to live. Once I turned back to face the large man, he was gone. I looked around to see that everyone was dead. I was the only one left. I turned back the direction that we came from and started running as fast as I could. After running for three minutes, I fell to the ground. My left leg was in so much pain. I looked to see that I had tripped over a log and deeply scratched my leg. I tried to get back up but the pain caused me to fall back down. Then I heard heavy footsteps coming my direction. I turned and quickly crawled behind a large set of bushes and peaked back. The large figure was standing right there. Looking around as if he was searching for something, or someone. He turned my way and I almost passed out. Luckily he didn't see me. As he looked my way, I got a glimpse of his eyes. The cornea of his eyes were a blazing red color. I could see blood vessels formed in his eyes, like they were dry. Then there were his pupils. His orange pupils. I could see the rage formed in his eyes. The rage that one of his victims had gotten away. He took a step towards me. I readied my gun to go down fighting. But before he took another step, the bushes behind him made a sound. He turned and walked towards them. He stood there for a second, then started slashing non stop at those bushes. He must have been taking his anger out that way. After about a minute he stopped and starred in the opposite direction. Then, he let out the most inhuman roar I had ever heard and stomped away and out of my sight. I waited there for eight minutes in case he came back. Then I mustered up all the strength I had left and stood up. My leg still killing me, I stumbled back the direction I came from. After two minutes, I saw the chopper and waved at it. They landed, helped me on and we flew away. I couldn't look back at those woods as we flew back in the direction of the town. I was sent to the hospital and the doctors treated my leg. After the sheriff asked me what happened, I told him we were attacked by a bunch of crazy lunatics and I was the only survivor. I didn't tell him the truth knowing that he wouldn't believe me. That following morning, a recovery team was sent to clean up the bodies of my squad. I didn't quit my job after that. I just decided to do more missions in town, far away from those woods. That was twenty years ago. I never told anyone about what really happened that night in those woods. But I can say with truth that I believe in ghosts now, and that I met Genocidal Ray.

Credited to Grayton14

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