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As I set up the carpet, I avoid getting my feet wet in the wet grass. It was still dark, we are waiting for the sun to rise. We sat down and ate. We chat a bit. The sunrise was amazing, as it shown above the town. We were all excited because it was our first time to see something this cool. As we played a few games, I received a call from my mom. She sounded panicked, sad, or worried. She said that my sister died while on ROBLOX. She doesnt know why but her head just disappeared. Like she was decapitated and the head was stolen.

When I came in the room, I felt more angry than sad. I looked at the PC, and it appears that she was scripting. I have no knowledge of lua, but I do see something like "Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent" Me and my mom cried heavily.


What if game has a parent?

If you dont know what Parent means, its the container of an object in a game. For example, game.Workspace.EPIKGAMERMAN.Torso. The parent of Torso is EPIKGAMERMAN, and the parent of EPIKGAMERMAN is Workspace. Game has no parent, because game is the game itself.

But the question remains, why does game have a parent in the story sent to me?

I come to investigate.

When I arrived at PinkAndPurpleSkull's house, or, in short, Anna's house, the police were already everywhere. The mom seen crying in the distance, and the investigators and cops are all confused. As I cuddle myself in my coat in the cold, the policemen stopped me.

"Sorry, miss, you cant pass."

"Im here to investigate"

"Your badge?"

I showed him my ROBLOX Creepypasta Wiki badge. Yes, I had one just in case.

"This is not a game."

"Anna's sister's death had something to do with ROBLOX. You should have noticed that by now."

The policemen made a quiet agreement and decided to let me pass. Anna's house looked like a happy home, but its gone gloomy because of the events. I shed a single tear, and walked up the stairs to find the trail of blood. The trail must have been Anna's sister's while she was being dragged to the police ambulance thing for investigation. The cops were investigating the computer.

"Ma'am, you are not supposed to be here"

"The police gave me permission. Ask them if you want"

"Hmm. Are you here for the computer?"

"Yes, sir."

The policemen walked away from the computer, and watched me. I sat down, put on my gloves and went through the PC. I looked at the studio which was left open, and saw that she was on Run mode. I looked at the scripts, and saw one that isnt renamed, probably meaning its the last one she made. I opened it, and was shocked.


Somehow, she was able to delete her own head through the studio. I looked at the cops and they read the script. They were shocked. They called the others through the walky-talky and they stampeded through the door, all reading the script in shock. They replugged the computer to another source, leaving the PC on somehow, and took it away.

"Thanks, ma'am"

A few minutes later, all traces of people were gone. I was alone in the house now. I did not feel safe alone. I wrote on my wrist the script, just in case I forget it.

At home, I went scripting immediately. I did an Instance script to spawn an AI in the baseplate with the help of the anna's sister's code, hoping it works.

It worked. For some reason, though, my computer screen turned futuristic, like I was in 2020. The humanoid looked exactly like Anna, but with her head this time. The body shape, hair color and face and clothes, and everything, looked so accurate. I was amazed. But the AI appeared to be sleeping, but not breathing, like anna's sister, now that she's dead.

The next day, I went to the house to investigate. Anna and her mom were in the house, so I knocked.

"Who's there?", someone said in a quiet voice.

"Im an investigator. Im here to investigate your sister's case"

Anna opened the door gently, and let me in.

"Sorry for interrupting."

"Its okay. June's room is upstairs."


The room seemed empty, and nothing interesting was there. I turned on the lights, and went through her closet. As I was digging through the motherload of clothes, I found a trapdoor. I opened it and found rope. Again, like I get everyday, I was shocked.

June already wanted to suicide for some reason. I put the rope in my backpack so the family wouldnt cry heavier. With the rope was a number. It said it was the number of Quiet Death.

I called the number.

"Hello, Quiet Death here. How may I help you?"

"Do you know about June?"

"Yes. She decided to die through ROBLOX."


"She said her grades were very low" He said this in an exaggerated voice.

"Okay. Thanks"

"Have a nice day!"

I went down to Anna's mom. She said her grades were very high indeed. If her grades were high then was Quiet Death lying? Obviously, he was. I went to the police station. They granted me permission to investigate the computer. I asked the cops if they knew about Quiet Death.

"Quiet Death is a fake company of one person who is a killer. He is capable of anything. If you send anything to him, indirectly or directly, he will find you and ask if you have suicidal thoughts, and ask how do you want to suicide, and kill you in that way. We did not arrest him due to the fact he is doing the right thing and showing suicide is a sin."

The cop walked away, in a rush. I went home, and equipped my sword and scabbard for obvious reasons.

I close my case.

It was a suicide. June called a random number and found out he was Quiet Death, so she wrote it down to send to the cops. While she was scripting, she pressed the Run button and did not notice the somewhat cursed script. Turns out, ROBLOX is capable of anything through scripting. The futurism means that Quiet Death made the computer advanced for a certain task.

"Sir, you have got to see this."


"People are being killed"

"That happens everyday"

"No I mean their body parts are disappearing causing death. We cant explain this"

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