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The still of Olaf very realistic

I used to love the movie Frozen, I had a collection of Frozen toys, and I had the movie on DVD as well.

I don't look at frozen the same way again because there was a deleted scene in the movie that Disney removed. It all started when I wanted to watch Frozen again so I popped the disc in and I was watching the movie for a little while but all of a sudden, static appeared on the screen and than I saw a different scene instead of the other one and this is how it started, it had Elsa but she was disembodied and there was blood all over the ice castle, when I saw that I had a shocked look on myself so I thought I just saw something but no. I than saw Anna crying and she was crying for a long time and that's when I was getting bored but than the scene stopped and Anna got Elsa's head and buried it in the snow so she could hide the evidence and than Anna came into the town and killed everybody in the town just incase and gore was everywhere and Anna had blood all over her body and people's entrails were spilled onto the walls. Than Olaf came along and saw this so Olaf got out a chainsaw and killed Anna and blood was everywhere so than Olaf was the last person and he lived it on and that's when a the end was on the screen meaning this was an alternative ending but than static came on the screen and it came back to regular Frozen so than I got out a baseball bat and destroyed my TV and I destroyed almost everything in my house I also threw away everything related to Frozen in my house and I cut my own arm off but than my TV turned on one last time while it was broken and it showed a hyper realistic Olaf staring directly at me and than I died after that and my life has ended.

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