Five Nights In Love With Freddy 2

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Wassup Fortniters? It's ya boi, xxxhairy_pubes69420xx (aka Hugh Janis)! It turns out that the epic poem of love, furry robot sex, and manslaughter is in need of a continuation. To start from where the last tale of DeviantArt level pregnancies left off, I gave birth to me and Freddy's beautiful child and now are in debt. Rut roh! We decided to get a job to help resolve this. We were both stoned as hell and were like "fuck it, let's work at the *new & improved* Freddy Fazbear's Pizza".

We went up to our new source of pain and misery only for my Fweddy Weddy to get discriminated against. "Freddy got out of the building? I'm-" but before the rat bastard employer could finish Freddie bitchslapped him. "You are the racist!" he exclaimed with such a vigorous roar. And then everyone clapped. The bigot was thrown in prison for the rest of his life (because that's how the law works btw). Another employer came up and it was no other than... phone guy!

"But I thought we tag team'd him to death!" Freddie whispered to me. "I know, but he looks different." "But who the hell else has a literal phone for a head?" He just stared at us. "Well I'm Phone Guy, you might remember me from your job at a previous Fazbear location". The rest of the day I am going to skip because I do not care. :)

Day 1

Oh? This "story" has Nights in the title? Well I'm a compulsive liar anyway. Me and Freddie walked into our first shift and was greeted by Phone Guy. "Since it's your guy's first day, why don't I show you two around the place?" We went on a tour and all was fine and normal and not anything like my life until we got to one room in particular. You see, I noticed a poster on the wall:

I'm sure he's fine.

Freddie tried to ask him about it but he shouted "I DO NOT NEED HELP, I CAN LEAVE, AND I HAVE SEEN MY FAMILY IN THE PAST DECADE!" "Anyway, we will discuss further business in the security office". At least I know why he smells bad now. We went into the office and he told us "sign the slave contract and we'll be good to go". "What?" "Sign the contract". We did. Certified Bruh Moment.

Freddie and I went into the saferoom mentioned during the tour and some purple mofo was in there. "Why hello there, Old Sport" he said in a New York accent. "Bae I swear I've never seen this man once in my life" I whispered to Freddie. "Brb ima go lure and kill some kids" the oversized grape left. On his way out, he took and put on one of the suits in the saferoom. Since I was supposed to wear one too and entertain the kiddos, I put on the Fredbear one. I am now a true furry.

Freddie decided to stay in the saferoom for the rest of the day. I actually did my job for once and called it a day. On our way out, the purple guy gave us a werid look. Maybe it was the fact that I was with an animatronic, but I'm not sure.

Day 2

I started my second shift realizing that since this is the *new & improved* Freddy Fazbear's, there are *new & improved* animatronics too. And no, they did not fall in love with me. At least not yet. I saw them preforming on the stage. Apparently, they are the toy animatronics. This means that they are shiny now. Woah!

Toy Freddy noticed me and came up to me. My Freddie called off sick today so I was all alone. "O shit waddup?" Toy Freddy shouted. I forgot that fact that they were made in like 2015. "I guess I'm fine?" "Hell ya you fine boy!" "I'm taken." "Well I could use a lil' bitch." "Keep it in your pants damn!" I was then called out for my blatant hypocrisy.

Not really much else happened. Well, expect for one thing. Near the end of my shift I suddenly heard a loud thud. It was Toy Chica. She fell off of the stage and broke her nose. The children screamed while I laughed my ass off.

Day 3

Freddie thought it was a good idea to put a coin in between a phone charger and then plug it into an outlet. Spoiler: it was. Toy Bonnie was pissed that we destroyed the outlet that he uses to charge his electric guitar and straight up tried to kill us. We ran to the security office and shut the doors. After a few minutes, I checked the cameras to see if he left and witnessed this:


I'm done.

Day 4

After the cringe fest, I was ready to quit. Fuck my bastard child, I could not put up with another day of this. Neither me or Freddie get paid enough. We deadass don't even get paid in cash but instead in fucking FazTokens! After a couple hours of me trying to get everything over with, the Phone Guy comes up to me. "Oh, hey uh... I... just come with me" Freddie was about to go but he stopped him and said "only Hugh Janis". He took me to an elevator that I wasn't even aware of and we went down to the basement floor.

"So, I uh... wanted to uh, ask you something". "I know that you are of the sexual orientation and... uh..." "Go on" I replied. "You see, you have probably realized by now that I haven't been with my wife in a while now". He paused for a minute giving off a nervous kind of look as I wondered where in the hell this could be going. "And because of this, I... haven't been able to fulfill some... desires for some time". Oh no. I think I know now.

"So, I uh was thinking that, with you getting a raise in return, you uh... could be mine for the night? If you catch my drift?" I then thought to myself, "Damn. Am I really going to do this?" "Well, he is rather handsome for a man with a phone for a head. And I'm kinda into him overall so if Freddy doesn't know..." Phone Guy understood that I needed at least sometime to think about this and gave me till the end of the day for my answer.

With something like that happening, of course I forgot about everything else. Eventually, it was time for me to make my choice.

I agreed.

He did many things to me that night. I never realized how much of a kinky boy he was.

Day 5

I wish I could tell you that the final day of the week ended in some sort of epic climatic battle that would decide the fates, but no. It was even more chaotic. To start, all of the Toy Animatronics were pissed as fuck after what they went through this week. As soon as I got into the Fredbear suit, they all tried to attack us. Toy Bonnie yeeted his guitar and I just barely dodged it as Toy Chica thought she could 1v1 me. Luckily, the Fredbear suit is equipped with an emergency flamethrower incase of this type of scenario.

Needless to say, that bitch was KFC now. Toy Bonnie was smarter and attempted to trigger a springlock failure by getting my suit wet. If only that poor lil' bunny rabbit was quicker! He faced the same fate as Chica leaving only Toy Freddy. During the fight, Freddie was trying to summon Golden Freddy for a quick victory. That didn't work. Toy Freddy took advantage of this and targeted him while I was busy.

Unfortunately I was too late and he already tore off Freddie's entrie shitting arm! "You don't fuck with my Freddie!" I shouted. "I'm immune to your flames!" "How?" "Because I am the Giga Chad!" Rut roh! He then proceeded to beat the living shit out of me. I was bleeding like hell. Just when all hope was lost, a miracle occurred. Somehow, I managed to... turn him on? All of the sudden, he got really horny. I didn't understand. How could this happen? But, I finally realized it. I am so sexy that everyone that focuses on me will eventually fall for me. Think about it. How else could I have won over so many hearts? It all makes sense.

Toy Freddy gave up fighting. I thought it was over until suddenly, Mangle popped up out of nowhere and tried to bite my frontal lobe. At the last second, Phone Guy jumped in front of Mangle and took the hit for me. I grabbed Mangle and used as much of my strength as possible to tear that son of a bitch apart. I used a nearby wrench to smash her into pieces.

Phone Guy fell to the floor. "Why would you sacrifice yourself for me?" I asked him. "Because... I would die for our sex. We do the best sex. I love you, goodbye". He then died due to his injuries.

I was left with Freddie missing an arm, many deaths, and many traumatized bystanders.

Written by PeridotAmethyst
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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