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have anyone of you heard the show felix the cat it waz an 30s cartoon of a cat named felix and went on weird adventures i loved the show myself but there was a Sega genesis bootleg that i found on ebay which was weird i ordered the game and while i watched spongebob squarepants i heared a doorbell i opened it and there came the game i got it and put it in my genesis and played it the main menu seemed weird because it was Russian i pressed start and the intro seemed normal but it was a russian bootleg copy of the game anyways i played through the game and when i lost a my last life there was a continue screen with the options Aa or Het i pressed Het since it wont let me press Aa and there came a very disturbing pic to which seemed to be feilx the cat ripping off his face with blood everywhere and he had holes on his skull and had one eye missing but the right eye was there

this freaked me out alot so i turned off my genesis since my dad said it was time for bed while i was sleeping i had a nightmare of the game over screen so when i woke up i told my dad about the game that i got from ebay and he told me to throw away the game and so i did but one time i was playing sonic the hedgehog and the cartridge of the Felix the cat game w as sitting on my desk and so i thought about playing it one last time and instead it was felix staring at me saying"this is your fault you shouldn't have pressed no i will get you i am not fucking around nolan"i wondered why he knew my name but the sega genesis turned of and also my power so i hid in my basment with a flashlight and later my dad came in the basement to tell me it was actually fake and the game was ment te scare people so i was happy and i burnt the cartridge and felix with his face on was there saying"you made a good choice nolan i am proud of you"when i was inside of my house i was watching spongebob again and never watched another episode of felix the cat ever again!

if you ever come across this game never plzy it but play the nes version instead!

and then a skeleton popped out

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