Family Guy Is a Masterpiece

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Family Guy is a masterpiece; very single episode is pretty much packed to the brim with hilarious comedy!! I mean, Peter Griffin is quite simply the best protagonist of our time. He's a classic couch dad, and is relatable to all the fathers who may watch him. As for the rest of the family..! well, they may not be as legendary and fantastic as Peter, but they still have their own great unique traits! Louis is, of course, the sex appeal, as well as the nagging wife. What a creative, bold move on the writer's parts—combining the two most common traits among the female populace! There's also Chris, her son, who is almost a miniature Peter—he's truly a strong lad, perhaps even similar to Peter when he was in his youth and before he learned how to truly become the True and Honest "Family Guy." There's also Stewart, the youngest. He's just quite the little genius, no doubt superior genes that were passed down from his father. He always gets in trouble, but he's just so gosh darn cute! A little adorable menace. And Brian. Now, he's almost as great as Peter. He's dry and got cutting whit. He's also a ladies man. Perhaps because he's a dog is why he's such a wingman or "bro" to Peter (which would, frankly, be a brilliant idea of symbolism on the writer's parts.) And finally, Meg, the antagonist of the show. Now, she just makes you grind your teeth the minute she's mentioned—or makes you pull out your hair in frustration when you see her ugliness have the audacity to appear on your television screen. She's the ultimate turn off. Just everything a woman shouldn't be. Thank god they make her the punching bag of the show—I laugh out loud every time she gets brutally beaten or abused by her family, the ones that should love her most! Now, I won't even GO into the brilliance of side characters—such as Joesph, Giggity man, or the news anchor, but you'll be sure they're great as well!! Only true intellectuals understand this

Now, maybe you'll think more wisely before you even try to THINK about criticizing Seth McFarlane's 'Family Guy'

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