Family Guy: Season 8 Episode 0: The Bloody Sunset

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The title card

I can't think of what the hell to say, what did I just watch. It could have been a halloween special, a fearsome piece of shit well what ever it is I will never forget the last look on my face ever again.

Thursday December17,2009. I was laying in bed channel surfing through different tv programs. Nothing good was on, all that was on was like the boring shows like rick and morty, friends and all that bullshit I didn't wanna watch. I decided to change thr channel to fox and believe it or not family Guy was coming up next. Holy cow I screamed. I love Family guy. After a few ads popped up the show began. There was no intro but instead just static sounds playing on a white screen for a few seconds before showing the tittle card witch read Family Guy the bloody sunset. Oh for Pete sakes I said. This I hope wasn't gonna be a halloween special. Halloween ended like two months ago. The camera pointed to the griffins house and the background had No buildings and the sky was just bloody with a red sun. The camer zoomed in on Lois, Chris, Brian sitting on the couch with no eyes. It was just bloody, disgusting pure blood running from there eyes. Lois's shirt was pink instead of green, Chris wasn't wearing his hat, Brian's collar was missing and so on and so fourth.

Looking at this i was in pure shock. What the hell was going on. Soon peter walked down and slipped on the stairs except when he landed on the bottom real life blood gushed from his neck and head and no one came to help. Peter was just lying there on the floor unconscious and not breathing. The scene cut to quagmire sitting on the couch tearing his eyes out. This is pure torture. I felt like throwing up but only did a little bit in my mouth. Static played for about two and a half minutes as it then showed meg playing with stewie. But in a evil way. Steiwe was punching, slapping, smacking, choking and even smashing stuff on meg. Of course it was barely seen but still you could see what Steiwe was doing. After steiwe was done torturing meg he took megs body and threw out the window.

Before the epsiode ended the camera started pointing up at the sun which was bloody setting.

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Credited to Floydsnightmare19

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