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One day after Freddy Fazbear's pizza closed becuase Foxy was a butt and ate a person, Freddy wanted to open it again because it was Fred's birthday and he felt back for killing people when Fred didn't want him to. So he called Peter and told him to be cool and let the play in the shop but he didnt do it like this because these are like radio things from a long time ago

Freddy the robot: Peter, leytt's not kill anymore

Peter ok. I dont want to kill people because I'm a good person and I don't lie.

Freddy: yay! Let's open the store. I'm taking all of the closed signs off and I'm going to throw them away.

Bonnie: I will clean the floors because my guitar is also a broom rake.

Chica: I will make pizza because I'm a fucking bird

Foxy: ar. let me call the land lover on the phone. but oh no! I cannot dial the phone with my hook! Curse peter pan (get it because peter pan was in a fight with a captain hook)

Peter: I will call petter then! I am trust worthy!

Foxy can make the sodas and mix with his hook

Foxy : I love the waters

Peter: The phone is ringing on the phone! (RING RING RING)

Fred: Hello?

Peter: Fred! Come to the freddy fazbear store! There is a surprise

Fred: but it is closed!

PEter: It is a good surprise!

Peter: ok

Peter: he is coming! eerybody hide.

but when they hided, they didnt see Peter build a bomb in the store because he is not a good person. he is EVIL!

But then Fred knocked on the door.

Fred: The door is locked!

Peter: no! the store is open again! It is not!

Fred: ok! I'm coming in!

Freddy: Surprise! It is your birthday!

Chica: We have made pizzas and Sodas and Cakes and because you are an adult Bonnie has adult alcohol drinks YUK

Bonnie: I had made a lot of alcohol! I know everyone likes alcohol when they are adult even though it is not good yuk

Peter: And I have a surpris I have put into focy

Foxy: oh no! There was a bomb in me when I was hiding that I didnt notice because i had my eyes covered when I was hide.

Fred: Peter! You are my friend tho! we have been friends for a long time!

Bonnie: I can kill peter!

Peter: Bonnie is killing me! help me Fred

Foxy: Fred cannot help because he is a mad you put in a bomb in me when you put in the bomb

Peter: but I am sorry!

Chica: no it's too late to be sorroy I will eat you

Freddy: I am a robot and I can see a problem with the bomb. Foxy can eayt Peter and it will not blow up

Foxy: omnomnomnomnmomnom! People taste like the sea

Peter: Nooooooooo!

So Peter was dead because he was a really bad person and he killed a lot of people and all of the animatronics sang happy birthday to Fred because he was having a better birthday after that.

Freddy and Chica and Bonnie and Foxy: Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Dear Fred Who is Feeling Better After Peter is Dead. Happy Birthday To You.

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