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The story of FMAN122. FMAN was a usual Jammer playing Animal Jam. But she loved to scam. 'Best trade wins my headress!' or 'I just need someone to talk to!' She was a scammer. For this, she needed to keep changing accounts. But, they all had the same colours, and the same name: Awesome Sunnybrave. One day, she felt like scamming wasn't enough for her. She needed to hack. It worked everytime. Her virus got stronger every single year. Now, she's a famous hacker. She have experience at this. People are scared of her but they are very curious to see her hacking. They went to Aldan, Congo, Jamaa Township. When they got in, they scream "OMG, so many FMAN122's clones". Nobody knows which's real. She killed her mom when she was a 10 years old girl. She killed herself few years after hacking people... and scamming. A horrible Jammer, her account might still exist to this day. (You can not type FMAN122 in chat.)

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Credited to Fierycat88 
Originally uploaded on January 24, 2015

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