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Your probably wondering, "Evil Mario Bros. What the f*** is that???" Well, it has something to do with a true story that happened to me you're about to read. Please before you read this story you should know what NES and SMB stand for. NES stands for: Nintendo Entertainment System and SMB stands for Super Mario Brothers (A NES game.)

This a real creepy story that happened to me a couple of weeks ago, it left me in an eerie state. The reason I'm sharing this is because I needed to tell you about what a disturbing abnormal event that happened to me kind of like a therapy thing. Its hard to even get it off my mind. I saw... pure hell and horror. I will never live another day not hearing those unforgettable screams of pain & torture echoing through my ears, like the sound of a man getting his skin ripped & peeled with a rusty blade.

The Story

I was looking around for Roms for a PSP NES Emulator on the internet. I'm a huge Nintendo fan and wanted a Nintendo Entertainment System. It wasn't my fault that they're nearly 300$ in good condition, so I resorted to emulation. I found my old PSP laying around so I went to download an NES Emulator for it, I found games like Metroid and Metal Gear! Then I started looking for the NES best of the best, Super Mario Brothers! I was so excited to play the game. I started my search. First I went on coolrom and Emuparadise. then something got in my head, get a bootleg ROM! There's stuff such as Ultimate Mario bros, and many more!

Then some thing caught my eye. A Rom title "Evil Mario Bros." First I thought "What the.....hell??" I thought it was a joke and downloaded it anyway. I'm not sure why, regardless I made a folder entitled "ROMS". I put all the roms in my folder, then put the folder in the emulator files. I pulled the USB from my PSP and turned it on; I pressed on the Memory stick and turned on the emulator then chose a ROM. I choose Super Mario B...or I mean "Evil Mario Bros".

The title screen went on. It was weird. It was creepy. It had Mario on stone bricks but he was different, he looked almost as if he was possessed. He had red blood on his face starting from his face and going down all the way to his chin and he did not move. I was a bit spooked, I was acually shaking a bit nervously clicking "Start Game" Starting the game I was Mario, there was Level D?! You start on your usual first level style with the stone bricks.

There's Bowser, he throws hammers and shoots fireballs rapidly; It was super hard. I had to rush but I died. It was all pitch black... then a pixelated version of Mario's face appeared. He had a knife. Then it said Level-I. You now have an axe and your beside Princess Peach. I went towards her and suddenly a I got a pitch black screen with an 8-bit demonic scream. It was a blood-curling scream.

I got very creeped out by this and wanted to turn it off but for some odd reason, I wanted to continue. Level-E was already loaded and turned on; You're Luigi this time and walking through a castle. As you're walking through you see a body with blood all over it. It was covered with i---ii-its intestines?! It was disgusting, I felt my stomach turn, then in very horrible quality; A voice said, "That's your da-- ----------- fault." I did not understand the rest. Then the emulator said "Sorry, A error has occurred! Reason=Could not read textures." I tried to understand something about this rom but nothing came up. So I decided a few weeks later to tell my story to you guys. It might not seem real... but it did happen to me. It's your decision to believe it.

Story teller's note

This is what happened to me. Of course I did not have one of those Hauntings, but it happened.

Credited to 123KevinDude
Originally uploaded on August 31, 2012

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