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Dream Demons, we all have them. Every time you have a nightmare one of the Dream Demons show up. Sometimes they are different for each nightmare, but sometimes the same demon is for every nightmare.

Sometimes they can be harmless, but sometimes they can kill you in your sleep. I will tell you my story of an encounter I had with the dangerous dream demon.

I was ready to go to sleep after I read some Creepypastas. I brushed my teeth, got in my bed and immediately fell asleep. In the start I had a wonderful dream, then slowly turning in a horrific nightmare. All the wonderful things and friendly people were turning into horrific monsters and demons.

After all that, I saw a humanoid creature staring at me from the hill. I followed the path to the top of the hill and saw a disturbing sight. It was a creature with hair all over his body except his face, hands and feet. His eyes were black and there was blood dripping from them. Five limbs were coming from the back.

On one limb there was an eye, on the second limb there was a knife with blood on it, on the third limb there was a hand, on the fourth limb there was a silver-colored claw and on the fifth limb there was a skull with no eyes or nose, just an open mouth.

The hand on the third limb grabbed my leg and threw me on the ground. The demon picked me up and threw me in the air. He jumped and tried to stab me in the air but he missed. I feel on the ground. I got up and tried to make a run for it, but he grabbed my leg again. He then grabbed my neck and said: "You made a biggest mistake of your life by climbing on my hill."

I asked: "Wh..ho t..the FUCK ARE YOU?!?!?!"

He replied: "I am your biggest fear, I am the thing that you are deathly scared of, I am the thing that represents evil in you...". He threw me off the hill.

The next morning I woke up with cuts and bruises on the places where the dream demon hit me. That day I had a felling that I've been watched. The entire day I felt like someone was behind me. When I was in the bathroom, I saw that demon in the mirror. He said to me, "This night, it's not going to be just a dream..."

That night I had a strange feeling that somebody was in my room. I looked around my room and saw a same humanoid I saw in my dream but this time he didn't have his five limbs and the blood wasn't dripping from his eyes. He jumped on my bed and started choking me. I fought back this time and kicked him in the face. After that kick I jumped off my bed and made a run for the kitchen to grab a knife.

I grabbed a knife and started stabbing him in the eye, then blood started dripping from his eyes. He then took my sister which was sleeping and took her head, hand and eyes. Then he started punching me with my sister's head and hand. He took a knife out of my hand and started trying to stab me. I managed to take a knife out of his hand and kill him.

The next morning the police came to my house and asked my how did the killer looked like. I drew a picture of a demon in my dream. They didn't believe me and they said to my parents that I was probably in shock after that event.

Dream demons, dreams or reality, nobody knows, but I know that mine dream demon is a reality. The biggest mistake of my life was climbing on that hill. The next time you have a nightmare, do not go up the hill.

Credited to Altairlync

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