Dora The Explorer Dora's Suicide

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My Cousin Was At My House Today She Watched Dora The Explorer I Watched It With Her I Saw The Tittle ~Dora's Suicide~ I Was Shocked It Began With Dora Killing Boots And Her Family Then She Walked In On Diego And Killed Him Then She Shot A Gun Up Her Mouth And The Show Ended My Cousin Had A Nightmare So We Drove To Nick Studios A Mile Away And Told A Intern About It He Immediatly Told The Creator To Talk To Us We Told Him About It He Was Shaken Up He Called Some Agents Of The United States They Also Told Us Our Parents Were MISSING And The Interns Were Suspects So We Left And Saw My Home With The Nick HQ's Owner There He Told Us To Stay At A Hotel For About A Week So We Did

Originally on Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki

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