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Did you know in Sweden, it is illegal to joke about Finnish-Swedish relations post-independence, and the shape of the nations all together? You can get up to 10 years in jail for joking about it. It states in section 3, paragraph 4 of the Swedish constitution that it is illegal to make statements about the shape and size of the nation, and any country bordering it.

The law was put into place when Danish politician Emil Amundsen visited Stockholm in 1857 and made a joke about Swedish and Finnish territories looking like a penis and a scrotum. This did not amuse the King of Sweden, who then ordered to have the man spend 3 days in jail. When Amundsen was released, they made a decree that he was no longer to make such jokes about the nation ever again. The new law was put into place the same day. They removed it in 1890 over claims that it was too childish. It was then again written into the constitution when Finland became independent in 1918.

Don't believe me? Search up Sweden-Finland rule 34.

Credited to somekidonhiscomputer 
(No, this isn't true. It's a comedy story written purely for entertainment purposes.)

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