Dark Future: A Roblox Creepypasta

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Hello. My name is Matthew and I love a popular video game named ROBLOX. To the fun shooters, to the wacky rag doll games, there really is nothing to hate about this site. But as they say, the internet is not a safe place. And what I experienced is pretty dark and... I want to share it to clear my mind.

I was about 15 when this torture all started. It was a nice relaxing week off from that hell of a place we call school. I was just playing "Murder Mystery 2", a fun murder mystery game where you try to figure out the murderer and defeat him. I was playing with an online friend, and we had a lot of fun. I was getting pretty bored, though, after minutes and hours passed. I told him I was going to leave to find another game to play. I had many options such as "Arsenal", a fun shooter game, "Obby Maker", where you can make your own obbies and it's a lot simpler than in ROBLOX Studio. It was tough to decide, so I was going to ask my friend. This is when I noticed a friend request from a user named "W0R1D4H34D". I was wondering why the user name was so weird. I then checked his profile. His avatar looked like a Satan wannabe. He had a cloak with small black spots that formed a smile. "I've never seen that on the catalog before..." I thought to myself. In his bio, it read, "It'd be a very nice thing to do before the end of you accepted my requests if you got them! :)"

I was confused. What "the end"? "Is this just another edgy clown trying to be scary? Well, let's see what this guy does..." I though to myself. I accepted his friend request to see what "EdGy" messages he'd send me. Yeah, turn out this demon was more serious.

After a few hours, he texted me. I decided to read it because as I said, I was curious to what he'd send me. He said "Thank you, Matthew! How kind of you! Now, I want to show you something very important... join me :)"

I actually got creeped out here. He knew my real name? How? I texted him back this:

"Just a question. How the hell do you know my name?"

He just responded with another eerie smile. I noticed the little green circle beside his profile picture, meaning he was in a game. I joined him. It took awfully long to load which annoyed me but when it finally did, I was weirded out to say the least.

To describe it briefly, it was a city with burning buildings, crashed cars, lampposts limping like they were old people. Fire was all across the city, it was like a supervillain attacked it. As I walked along the pavement, I saw... something horrifying. I saw bodies. Rotting corpses on the ground. The more I walked along the more... disturbing. I saw bones sticking out, brains sticking out, eyes plunged out of sockets, and more. I was horrified. How could a roblox game get so gruesome? How did the admins allow it? Are they fucking drunk or something? Then finally, after walking over rotting bodies and listening to bones crush as I walk on them, I saw W0R1D4H34D. His back was facing me. It was like I wasn't there. He then said in the chat... "So...you want to know what this is?" I gulped and responded "Yes". It took him a while to respond, but eventually he did.

"This is the future of the real world. This is something you pathetic humans caused. The world is just a little hell place now because of you motherfuckers. I hope you understand this is what your big community caused. This is the dark future. The world ahead."

I had so many questions... why did he change his attitude? How did I cause this and why did I have to see this? How did he just swear in a roblox game? I just... didn't respond. I didn't know what to do. I was just a dumb teenager. I just left and attempted to unfriend the user, but it kept on having this annoying message pop up:

Error 631: Sorry! Something went wrong. Click anywhere on your screen to retry.

He then spam messaged me the following:

"Why? Accept it :)"

I was starting to get pissed, he kept spamming it. I texted him:


I regretted saying that to that demon's face...

He didn't respond for a long time. Many hours passed. It was now the next day.

Right after I ate my cereal, I rushed to my computer in my room to log onto ROBLOX. But when I went onto my computer, something was... off. The ROBLOX icon wasn't grey: it was black. Pitch black. On the logo, it had binary code all over. The numbers were all pretty small though so they could fit. When decoded, it said:

Your future may be darker. You made a mistake, my friend.

I was pretty reluctant to open ROBLOX, so I decided to play some Minecraft with a school friend. During playing, I felt many weird things such as breathing down my neck and sometimes I even swore I heard... something... say something. I even remember the lights flickering at some point.

All of a sudden, my screen flashed. For a few frames, it showed me. My real life self... dead. The corpse was something so horrifying... I can't put it into words. My rib cage stuck out, you could see the bones like they were a saber tooth cat's canines. My eyes were full white. My veins looked like they tried to escape from my skin and there were scratches all over my face. All my hair was gone. My brain was sticking out. One half of my lips were on my forehead and the other was at its same place but flipped over to showed the blood. My fingers were ripped off and stuck onto the top of my head to replace the missing hair, blood sprayed out of them like a fountain. When I saw this, I jumped from my chair and just shut off my computer. I then heard a whisper.

"This will happen to you soon. You cant avoid your future."

I burst into tears and smashed my computer onto the ground. I stomped in it countless times. When I was done, I just turned around and sat on my chair. I took a moment to think about what I'd done.

I sat there sniffing and slouching on my chair. "Is this it?" I thought to myself.

If your wondering, my family wasnt there, I was home alone for a while...

So, it's been about nine months since this all happened and nothing has happened. I'm perfectly fine, living my life. I'm now 16. If your wondering if I'm still in contact with that guy, I'm not, I logged onto roblox recently (I avoided it ever since the incident) and he is no longer there. I don't know if he got arrested, he died, he just gave up on me, or what... but I think that lesson mama always taught me about the internet being a bad place was truly important.

This experience will always haunt me, no matter if it ends on a sort of positive note, though...

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