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The Story

yui eating a burger

Sonic.EXE fights Jeff and then he asked "hey got some fuckin Grapes?" Fuck me Slenderman and then tails dies from ligma. Toothbrush Jeff then played TF2 try fuckass. Mario then screamed "Somebody danced the moonwalk!" and then dies of aids and got mayonnaise which revived mario. Meanwhile, Luigi nuked Peach's Castle while eating Mom's hyper-realistic bloodshot lasagna. Gary watched Sonic.EXE and Jeff fight a massive cat who pissed him self before epically transforming in to Dr. EggDick and killing Jeff and Mario got dead. Cat dog and Kite-Man and then boot on leg Mario uses his gigantic robot penis and he succ's your lense out of your eye and teabagged on his anime body pillow. Hitler dies and Derek Savage copyright laws with your moms ex (Who is a fucking bitch) Mr.Noggen erty saw Ritsu and Mio, giygas then spoke sugondese (which achieved Kanye's something) on Gyöngyhaju and THIS GUY penis monkey farted on expensive china which caused everyone to become libertalien.

Everyone is a killer except Obonga who can't die because he's swag. Then wicked Witch shit out Allah and he shidded grapes. "What the fuck? Sinn Fein then Suck the hotdog that danced with Spongebob EATIN ASS! Obonga drowned because he watched too much porn from, a skeleton ate a McDonalds and died. Bitches then killed Jake Paul because he's fucking random. Shrek dabbed SidTheMlgKidXXXGamer, saying fuck SidTheMlgKidXXXGamer then eats thousands cheeseburgers. Thomas the Pineapple fucked Annoying Orange played ROBLOX and "go-commit-died" because X_PinheadLarry_XXdank1 didn't play Fortnite.

The next day, Barry shat in his girlfriend's mouth while doing a 96. He then killed Dr Pepper and Mr Clean with his vagina without queefing...

And then a Virginian skeleton popped out, boning the thing with Mario. and then everyone died, Trolls suicided.

The end. Nope youre next.

Just notn't done the ending cause it's over now. NO!

But suddenly another Sonic.EXE OC appeared and said"FUCK THIS" WHILE cooking spaghetti for Satan because reasons. Then LOLSKELETONS died of Ayblesthe. Why does JC cry?Hentai-Girl played John Madden's football before eating Jimmy Neutron Pizza which had evil cheese lol spiders hug eachother for. Squidward hijacked Santa's Sled, then cs188 smiled as Monokuma commited colonoscopies.

EVIL PATRIXXX defecated during Easter fucking a Gardevoir plushie and then waluigi killed himself "Fuck me" Chefbob spaghetti said glass tastes like trash. "Penis flounder seems gay" said cs188 with a grin quandale dingle fucks Homer and Caddicarus slaughters Gregory and then Cleo bitched to Gumball "ur poop is nasty" and then Makoto Niijima said "Redrum is nasty without a semen fuck you." And BOMERBIMPSON summoned a level 9 Squirtle, which used to be british until Dildoman fucked up. Sperm then kills Chuck and everybody else shits their underwear. AMBATUKAM saw dicc and castrated rocks while gumball bears giant evil fetish deviants die. Semen-filled AustinThePro94 clitoris then Cilan ate

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