Corrupted iPhone 5

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Uploader's note: Really stupid story from back in the day that I remember reading on the Creepypasta Wiki

My recent experience lead me to despise technology, despite the fact that I am spreading this information, before my computer becomes the next victim, a coe[;wp[we, computer virus, its spreading... It's started, I must spread this quick.

I was on my way to the Shop, when I slipped, I grazed my leg, what I slipped on was an iPhone 5, that was weird, as phones wouldn't be disposed of this way. When I informed the store clerk of my find, he stated "Goodbye, my child". That was odd, as that doesn't usually happen, when I got home, around 5:00 PM, I noticed a message on the back saying 'FE;WFJFRIOQRIO", I could not read that, obviously, I couldn't read that, it could be some sort of message left behind by its previous owner.

When I booted it up, it said, IRIS wants to know about you, I thought it was Siri, not IRIS, I assumed that it was a glitch and pressed on, IRIS checked my computers IP Address, that couldn't possibly happen, it turns out that I plugged it into my computer when I came home. It now knew everything about me...

When I went to camera, it booted up normally, when I checked the camera roll, there were pictures of a staring man, with a cut across his face, and no nose or mouth, there was absolutely no blood, just a creepy staring man. I assumed the previous owner had created this picture. The phone suddenly shut off, then a message came up, saying:


A rogue program has invaded me, its a virus, DON'T USE ANY MORE PROGRAMS ON THIS PHONE, or you won't survive.

Please, I'm doing this to save you."

The person didn't leave his address, which was quite unusual, I went onto the YouTube app, then, a loud screeching noise pierced my ears, as a bloody corpse was thrown against the screen, I was petrified, the corpse had talked, it said "SS, RM". SS and RM sounded familiar, VERY familiar.

Then suddenly, Siri appeared saying, "You have doomed the two of us, there is no hope...", then suddenly, Siri and IRIS got into a fight, a gory one, in real life.

I must be hallucinating, IRIS had a shotgun, Siri had nothing, Siri tried to attack him, but to no avail. I was sent to a mental asylum. Siri was shot, bloody organs had been blown out of him, then IRIS blew Siri's brain out, then he killed himself, it was a bloodbath.

Before I was sent there, I looked up what IRIS was, IRIS was a computer virus, the most powerful one ever created, that could send a man into insanity, then, to suicide, but, it would just destroy the OS completely. It's almost if that our technology became advanced enough to make virus' that could infect both man and machine. I hallucinated my family, killing themselves, in the most gruesome ways...

I checked the iPhone 5, it turns out that the phone became its base. I must go and kill myself, I can't take this torture anymore.




Credited to Gigyas
Originally uploaded on November 13, 2012

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