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My name is Sally Jenkins and I'm a huge fan of the YHG Lore, much like everyone else It's been years since it had happened i've been having severe PTSD for almost 6 months I loves scrolling through youtube like any does and i got a notafication for part 4 of the series I was excited. I jumped up and down gor like 24 seconds. I finnly calmed down and pressed play

But little did i know that this was the biggest mistake ive ever did in my life ever since then i Could never return back to my innocent sellf

The video started with jhonny the rat taking to charles. They just escaped from the fire and were in a ally way next to matpat who was just shoot Then suddenly the screen frose. It was a lil weird but i just thought it was lag i thought it was just my phone bufiering i just ignored it and waited patently but for a single frame i thought i saw a image of johny staring at me with bloodshot eyes while matpat was chopped up and Charles crying in the background it looked so hyper realistic and matpat ssaid "jony what in the fook is happening to u"

then it switched back to normal. I thot i was seeing things maybe it was a glich 🤔 Things cuntinue as normal then out of nowhere johhhny stabbed matpat on the head and mattew started screaming a blood curtaling scream My ears started to hurt. It was going on for 10 sekonds then it finally stopped

Then, it cut to Akpha on the ground, bleeding. Before he could say anything, Johnny smashed h his head in with a urple blue brick. pagaro came into frame and started yelling " what the hell oh my god" before chuck jumped on him and snapped his neck which was odd because pajero is never really shown to hav a neck

I was so scared i was crying so loud but my parents weren't home. I continue the video and then bull rage came in and said " its time for you to lurn true pain and set Pajaro and qlpha on fire Then johnny shot him

Charles had anought of this and and attacked Johnny. They were punching each other, unil Charles got stabbed in the heart Johnny started laughing myniacaly and then said I am satin and no one can stop me Then he went to chris house and teared off his skin. I got scarred and was crying 😭 He put on his skin and stared at the screen and said youur next little sally and before i could react a urple blue brick smashed my skull I was sent to the hospital and was in a come for 3 yers I finnaly woke up

Chrisneedsmentalhelp himself showed ul to my hospital bed, and told my "I'm sorry about what happened to you, I have no idea what happened to my channel that day. I guess I should have gone to those porn websites."

Somethinmes i still get flash backs to that day so if you see a video called part 4 never watch it or yourll regret it for the rest of your life

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