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I do not get how stupid, dumb, -1000000iq, and mentally ill you have to be to use GIFs. You're cringe, unfunny, a nerd and still stuck at 2010's level of humour. It literally doesn't add anything to the conversation. I suggest to delete your account and go to a corner and cry. You are a failure of society and this site's community. You should be send to a prison camp for life since death isn't enough painful. The level of your cringeness is so dangerous that if the Axis used you as a weapon in WW2, they would have won the war. 1000 years will pass and your mistakes won't be forgotten. The dictionaries have to be updated since there is no word to describe what you did and what you deserve. Since the dawn of humanity aprox. 100 BILLION people have been born and none of them been as unfunny, nerdy and cringe like you. Stop breathing oxygen since you cannot be considered a human, animal or any breathing thing. When you did this great mistake, using a GIF to a conversation on this site, you have made yourself the definition of the world handicapated, and mentally unstable. Your humour level is so low, dumb and cringe that I don't even know how you thought you will be able to do an interaction with the most based, funny and smart site in the world. Your humour is that low, that even your mom won't laugh at it for 100000000$. Please just hand yourself over to the nearest police department and disappear instantly from here.

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