Call of Spooky Modern Bloodshed

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Samuel Lock is your average high school kid. He likes memes, has no bitches, and most importantly, LOVES the Call of Duty franchise. With Modern Warfare II releasing, Sam knew he needed to get the new Call of Duty game, no matter the cost. While walking home from school on a seemingly normal Thursday afternoon, Sam noticed a yard sale out of the corner of his eye. The sign on the residences' verdant and luscious grass said "GAMES, TOYS, BOOKS, AND MORE!" Sam thought to himself, "Well it will be an hour or two before my dad gets home and I do have $20 on me so it wouldn't hurt to check out what they had. Maybe they could have some rare games at a discount price?" He walked to the house and started searching around the various boxes laid out upon the yard. After a couple minutes of rummaging around, finding nothing but shitty games like Kid Kool and Gex 2, Sam decided to call it quits and return home to play some Warzone with the bois. However, this is not what happened. Far from it in fact. Sure he found shitty games, but at the bottom of the cardboard box he saw the game he was lusting after for all these weeks. Call of Duty Modern Warfare II for the Xbox One. Elated, Sam rushed over to the owner of the house. The man was old, senile in fact. He had a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of rum in the other. Sam wondered why a man this old had so many video games, but blinded by the excitement of playing the new COD, he asked squeamishly, "Excuse me sir, how much does this game cost?" The man took a swig from his bottle and asked Sam, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING ON MY PROPERTY? GIT!" The enraged man pulled out a fucking Glock and aimed directly at Sam's head. However, Sam slide canceled and ran home, with the game in hand. Despite nearly being murked in broad daylight by an elderly man and being sent to the gulag, Sam rushed upstairs and popped the game inside of his Xbox, feverishly waiting for it to boot up so he could relax and unwind, forgetting about all of his troubles and immersing himself in the world of Call of Duty. After a couple of seconds, the game began loading. Sam was initially taken aback because the title screen looked, how should I put this? It just looked off. The screen started erratically flickering as the title slowly appeared on screen. It said CALL OF SPOOKY MODERN BLOODSHED. Sam thought it was a last minute title alteration, ignoring the strange startup and pressing on into the game. After watching a short cutscene with some glitchy animation and horrible voice acting, Sam made it to the first mission. It said PEEL OFF YOUR SKIN. Sam was like what the fuck. Anyway he jumped out of the battle bus and parachuted down to the mission site, where he saw a boombox. This boombox was blasting Da Biggest Bird at max volume, piercing Sam's fragile eardrums and making him seize onto the floor uncontrollably. After a brief seizure, Samuel got back up, muted the TV and continued playing. Now this is when things get weeeeird. Sam was playing as Ghost and shooting the opps, as you normally do in a COD campaign. Everything was going swimmingly until... BOOOM! A HYPER REALISTIC PICTURE OF SOAP POPS UP ON THE SCREEN. His eyes were bleeding and his body was scarred and battered beyond recognition! The words, YOU HAVE SEALED YOUR FATE, in comic sans, flashed rapidly on screen, as the song from Suicide Mouse played ad nauseam. As the camera slowly zoomed out, it was shown that Soap was decapitated and Ghost was holding his head! By golly this was a scary sight indeed! Sam had enough of this shitty game, and managed to turn his console off, despite the abundance of fecal matter in his trousers. He said," Fuck this game, Activision needs to be taught a lesson and despite not paying anything for it, I WANT A REFUND." He got up to empty his bowels into the toilet, but before he could leave his room, the door slammed shut! Creepy music started playing from an unknown source, and as Samuel turned around, he saw it. GHOST WAS IN HIS ROOM! Sam blinked and the room looked like it was from HELL! 666 written across the wall IN BLOOD and his dear friends Yoshi, Minecraft Steve, and Mr. Beast were crucified on his wall, their innards falling out. He cried and cried, but that wouldn't stop Ghost. Ghost took off his mask and revealed himself to be the famous YouTuber, JACKSEPTICEYE! JACKSEPTICEYE started laughing maniacally, which caused Sam to crap his pants. Then, Mr. Septiceye spoke, he had a deep voice and said, TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA LADDIES, MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE AND WELCOME BACK TO HAPPY WHEEEELS. He pulled out a fucking hatchet from his asshole and lunged at Sam with the intent to kill, but Sam had a plan. He knew JackSepticeye's weakness and planned to exploit it to his benefit. Sam juked that bitch ass attack like a fucking giga chad and pulled his eye out. "JACKSEPTICEYE", he said, "I HATE THE HUMAN RACE!!!" He started shitting onto the floor. Jacksepticeye tripped on his rotten fecal matter and fucking exploded on impact. I wish I could say this is where the story ended, but alas, that wouldn't be the case. Sam actually got fucking brutalized by JackSepticeyes hatchet, but he was just too distracted by shitting to notice, or care. Sam, bleeding out onto the floor, managed to muster up the last of his strength to say his last words. Lol I wish, instead he summoned Sonic.EXE, and Sam fucking died. THE END, is what I would say but it couldn't be further from the truth. Remember the old man from the beginning? Let's rewind a bit here folks. When Sam initially went to purchase the game and the man pulled out a fucking Glock and tried to shoot him, you thought that plot point wouldn't be important? Dumbass. Yeah the old man served in WWII and Vietnam so he had the skills of a marksman. And when I said Sam slidecanceled in real life I mean he just tripped and broke his ankle. The man shot Sam in the back of the head and here comes the big twist guys! IT WAS ALL A DREAM. Sam is in purgatory right now, forced to live out his days railing Sonic.exe and playing Startropics for the NES. He wishes he never went to get the COD gayme from the sketchy garage sale and curses jacksepticeye for his evil tendencies. Don't be like Sam. Rest in Piss Bozo. Well I'm your narrator, Gunna, and this has been the scariest creepypasta ever written, CALL OF SPOOKY MODERN BLOODSHED! Thank you for reading

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