Call of Duty: 666

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This story begins on a blank but peaceful night...

I do enjoy playing some video games for the Xbox 360 but not by myself. Well not any more, I was walking down the street looking at the pure black sky, with nothing on my mind but what to do. Then when walking down the sidewalk halfway from the nearest pizza restaurant was a man who was wearing the longest jacket I have ever seen I think it was a trench coat, but not positive. When passing by the man, he stopped, looked at me and said with the most hideous smile also the most sinister type of voice I have ever encountered.

"Do you like video games?" he asked me, and with no hesitation of regrets I said, "Yes!" with the thought I might have something to do tonight. He then smiled and jumped around with glee, I then thought to myself: "this guy is a total loon". He then stopped and gripped my shoulders, placing a white, clear game case in my left hand, "Have a nice night," the man said while skipping down the sidewalk and everyone looking at him as if he were insanely crazy. But knowing I just got a free game I was now going to have something to do for the night.

When I finally got home I marched up the stairs, excited to see and play my new video game for the Xbox. I ran up to the console and slid my finger across the power button, since it was a touch console. I opened my disc tray and opened the game case which was actually the video game Call of Duty: World at War. I've played this game before but was not too fond of it. But if it gave me something to do I was in for it all the way. When putting the game in and starting it up I noticed the opening intro song was not the same. In fact it is not at all the same. It sounded more like something from the Twilight Zone than anything. "That's very odd," I thought to myself, but it is the weekend and I thought if I stop now I will have nothing to do, finally when it got to the point where I had to press "Start", I had to choose someone's account. I would have chose mine, but for a very strange reason it would not work, so I moved to the two other choices of my friend's accounts "Layne Irvin and Michael Border". I chose Michael's to get the game on the move and started.

When that was done, I was expecting the choices of either Zombies or Campaign, but all that came up was Zombies. I used to own "World at War", and that has never happened. But I was too bored to give up. Now I decided to play. Everything was going smoothly for the first five rounds of total fun. On round four I bought a door and got the magic box which randomly chooses guns, I was very lucky to get my favorite gun which was the ray gun. The ray gun shoots rays and kills with one shot. Anyway on round six I bought the upstairs and ran into the back corner as I normally would do.

I was reloading my ray gun before the round started, a few moments later out of the corner of my screen I looked up to see the first zombie, coming really slow, but then to notice it was not a Nazi zombie; but my own twelve year old sister, Breanah, I thought that was the most frightening thing I had ever seen, but then following her slowly came five more, who all took the form of my family. Out of fear I dropped my controller, I then slowly began to think to myself: "There must be a reasonable explanation for this." Quickly without hesitation I picked up my controller and shot the zombie game structure, which looked like my family. As they all fell one by one to the ground, I happened to noticed one more came out. This one gave me more cold chills then I've ever had in my life. slowly creeping of the dark misty abyss at "Natch Der Untoten" came the dark figure, limping towards me, the man who gave me the game he was wearing the coat, the hideous smile, his face was just like a normal Call of Duty zombie but the same structures of the man's boney, white, pale, face.

The screen was covered in my ray gun beams as I fired again and again, but no matter how many times I shot him he got closer, by gripping my character's neck with his rotten teeth, pulling a giant, gory chunk out of him. The screen then went blank and the Xbox's green light then turned into a red one. The next day I was smart enough to throw the cursed game away in the trash. When I went back into the house I walked into the kitchen to see my family's blank faces as they were all depressed and hiding something. Immediately I asked them, "What is the matter?" Slowly my mom said looking at me, "There was a bear attack out in Michael's woods, and that his neck was tore out".

Michael died the same way his character died in the game.

It has been at least two weeks since the bear attack, and the betrayal of the game's morbid gameplay. But I do feel thought it is my fault Michael is dead, I try not to think about it but I cannot help myself. But think of his screams of pain. Every night I think of how me, Layne and Michael used to talk on how to survive a zombie apocalypse. I would always say that "I will live". But now instead of me thinking that as a fact, I now state it as an opinion. If it took me that long to kill video game versions of my dead family how long would it take me to kill them in real life if they were infected?

But the question is, would you be able to do what is "necessary?".

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Originally uploaded on November 25, 2012

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