Caillou: The Success

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Hello there, if you have seen Caillou: The Thought, i am the same person who is now 19 years old. Ever since i watched Caillou : The Thought, i got scared of everything that reminded me Caillou. I knew that Caillou was haunting my memories. Now, my experience has gotten worse than the other one.

Screenshot of the episode in the end

I was sleeping until my mom knocked my door. She gaved me a box, it was familiar. Is it the same box then the other one that i opened ? It was a mystery. After i get some rest, i finally wake up and opened the box. Then, there was a lost DVD, again. There was words, a few words. "Caillou S6 EP 2: The Success". I was traumatized when i first saw the DVD. I almost screamed, but i changed my mind. I was curious and of course, i listened to it.

"Caillou: The Success".

The theme was creepy, no ones would wanted to watch it, except for me. I loved being curious ever since i was a little girl. There was a dancing Caillou, a sleeping Rosie and the parents were dancing like a crazy person. Caillou was singing badly, also, the lyrics were simply, stupid, once again.

♪ My name is Caillou, i like to have fun with my friends and my cat Gilbert is dead. I don't care about Gilbert, 'cause he is so ugly than my mom, my dad and my sister Rosie. Lalalalala, bye-bye. ♪

Caillou was acting like a baby, it was weird. After the stupid song, Caillou was crying louder along with his sister and his dad.

"Where is the success, daddy ?" asked Caillou.

"There is no success, until your mom has planned the circus. But, your grandfather has passed away, so... we can't go to the circus, unfortunately."

Caillou continued to cry, he couldn't resist the death of his grandfather. "Caillou is stupid!" Rosie says.

"Oh no, don't you dare to be mean with me, you stupid sister!"

Caillou's dad was holding a knife and stabbed Rosie. Caillou was screaming, Caillou's mom was crying and Caillou's dad was trying to comfort both of them. "It's ok, my friends. Rosie has passed away from cancer."

"Noooo! You killed her, you stupid shitty liar!" Caillou's mom screamed.

Caillou cried in daddy's arms, until he screamed on his right ear. Daddy's ears were both bleeding, and Daddy was suffering. He died.

Why would Caillou wanted to kill his family ? It was the creepiest episode ever. I simply continued to watch it to know the sequel of the lost episode.

Caillou removed his eyes, and replaced it with black eyes. Making her mom screamed of fear, she runned away from her son and cried. Before she could called the police, Caillou stabbed her in the back, and she died.

He singed again, but the lyrics were different from the other one.

"I like to lick blood and to have my family died around me. Lalalalala, i want to kill them all, goodbye."

After, the episode faded to black and faded to his normal screen. I could see a torture room, with Caillou in it and Caillou's grandfather in the same room.

"Ready to die, grandson ?" the Grandfather says.

"No, i am not ready, go fuck yourself!" Caillou screamed.

"Yes, you are. Devil waited you for about 4 years, you didn't camed".

Grandfather stabbed Caillou 50 times and shot him in the heart.

"It hurt, it hurt!" Caillou cried.

I couldn't closed one eye, i was too scared.

Grandfather : You belong to the devil, now, what are your last words, grandson ?

Caillou : I wish i could show you my ass so i could fuckin' kill you !

The adult killed Caillou by execution, after this, he laughed evilly. I screamed of fear, my mom wasn't there this day, so she couldn't hear me screaming of fear like a 5 year old girl. The screen faded to black.

Voices could have been heard. "Caillou's ready to kill you, you'll die in 4 years". Caillou's mom says.

The last scene was showing Caillou and his family with black eyes, dark dresses, and the faces were deformed with no mouths on their face.

The episode ended. I cried, my mom camed back with a smile. "Why are you crying ?"

"The episode you gaved me was creepy as hell".... i said to her.

"I did it in purpose, so you could hate Caillou". she says evilly.

I cried for hours. After this, i got enough of my mom. I wanted her to die, so... I killed her.

"If you kill someone, do not show it to the cops!" i screamed.

Credited to Russell Ferguson12

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