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28 October 2022

  • curprev 09:1509:15, 28 October 2022TrollpastaBot talk contribsm 2,361 bytes −24 removed Category:Shortpasta using HotCat
  • curprev 09:1509:15, 28 October 2022TrollpastaBot talk contribs 2,385 bytes +2,385 Created page with "Life is like a cabbage: Sometimes it is green and crunchy, sometimes dad stabs the cat with a knife because his foot ball team lose again Life is like a cabbage: sometimes it is green and round, and sometimes mom wish you were never born If you throw a cabbage in the air he will alway come right back down to you because he is lonely without you. If there is a fire in your house make sure you save all the cabbages before you even think about finding your children A ca..."