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I wish I'd regret it. Regret what you may ask? Regretting all of the traumatic memories, Regretting having to run most of this time, Regretting to sell my soul to black fucking magic. But if I want to continue onward, it's best that I tell you from the beginning.

I was on vacation with my family in Salem, Massachusetts. We tend to go there almost every October. My mother always had this weird fascination almost like a fetish if you will for witchcraft and other spooky things. I was only there to be dragged along anyway. We walked around looking at a few of the gift shops but none of them really caught our eye. It was always the same old tarot cards, crystal balls, and books of spells. Until we came to a rather odd looking shop. It was an older building which looked like it hadn't been restored in ages.

It looked mostly abandoned due to the pieces of wood loosely chipping off of the tall structure. Hell, it looked like it was about to collapse. My parents told me to check inside but I was stingy and told me it'd be rude to trespass. They were hesitant because they wanted me to buy a souvenir to remember this year's trip. Eventually I gave in and ventured inside the shop. I began to feel uneasy while inside of course if you've been to Salem it's a creepy old town during the fall but I had this unknown sense of fear that flooded through me. I was just about to leave since the shop had nothing interesting until an older woman came from behind the counter nearly frightening me.

"Is there anything I can help you with?" asked the old woman.

"Ummm no thanks I was just about to leave. My parents are waiting for me outside."

She then went over to the back to grab an oddity. I was close to heading out the door when she came back with a voodoo doll. However this voodoo doll was different from ones that I have seen before. Five black pins were stuck in various places and it looked like someone had mistaken it for a rag doll because it was tarnished and dirty and there was no way that doll would be for sale.

"I want you to have this." the old woman said.

"Sure it looks like it's been through hell and back but it still works as if it were brand new." I didn't care much for it but I took it and thanked her afterward.

I immediately got out of the shop but I could of sworn she said something as I left. I shrugged it off and met my parents outside as we walked off to the car back to our hotel.

Two weeks later back at out house in New York, I dug out the doll from my bag and placed him on top of my shelf where he just sat there. I didn't like the way it looked back at me. Those small green and blue, beady eyes like buttons looking back at me as if it were alive. I faced him away from my sight hoping that that I never have to look at it again. I might of been my paranoia kicking in but deep down I felt like a helpless baby animal who's just about to be slaughtered. Eventually I managed to calm myself and forget about "it".

That night my parents went out to dinner with a few friends of theirs leaving me all alone having the house to myself. It was a boring night. Nothing much to watch on TV other than a couple of Jersey Shore re-runs. But I didn't care and ended up in the kitchen fixing myself some dinner. My paranoia began to rise up again when I heard my dog barking from upstairs. She barked for almost half an hour until I heard her yelp and scream like someone was physically hurting her followed by a loud crash. I rushed upstairs and when I opened my door, I came to an awful sight. My entire room was crudely painted in blood.

I ran to my dresser to grab what I needed to head to my friend's house who lived next door to me. I open the dresser and there was my dog's skeleton, internal organs, and fur all mushed up in one disgusting pile. Tears began to form from my eyes as I turned around and there was the doll. Instead of green and blue eyes, they were glowing a bright blood red color almost as if the doll did this horrendous act. I ran straight out of my house away from that fucking demonic doll.

It got to the point where I ended up running so much that I had to use what was with me and around me to survive in the woods. I could hear rustling in the trees and bushes but I thought it may of been a deer or some other animal trying to get through. But a faint glow of blood red was out in the distance. It followed me and soon the blood red eyes began to grow brighter and brighter. All I could do was run until I came up to a house on another neighborhood that I've never seen before. I immediately knocked and this couple showed up at the door. I asked to be let in and gave the typical "I have no where else to go" excuse. Because who would believe that a possessed voodoo doll was chasing you all through the forest and mutilates your dog? So they let me inside and made me rest up for the night.

"If there's anything you need, don't hesitate to ask" the nice woman said.

"Thanks but I think I'll be fine" I said.

But truly I wasn't "fine". The next morning I woke up screaming and trashing the guest room with my hands gashed and cut with broken glass. The couple walked in and were in total shock. Tearing up curtains and destroying furniture, my mind was completely blacked out. I couldn't help that I was having extreme night terrors over that doll. The couple informed the police and had an ambulance on their way. When they got there, I must've been so enraged that I slashed the eyes of one of the cops out that it took three or four shots to the legs to take me down. I was then strapped to the gurney and taken to the local mental asylum while the other cop had received urgent care from paramedics. And that's where I am today. Lonely, insane, and haunted by old Buttoneyes. If I could go back and change that past, I should've never went into that old shop in the first place.

Credited to KthuluRising
Originally uploaded on May 31, 2012

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