Boyfriend's Piss Bag (Copypasta)

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I (19f) found my boyfriends (20m) piss bag. I usually stay at my boyfriends but i was going to meet my friend so i asked my boyfriend to drive me home. When i realised i forgot my phone in his room i told him he could wait in the car while i get it. I go into his room looking everywhere with no sign of it. That's when i decide to look under his bed. His nephew (18m) was looking with me when i checked under the bed.

That's when it happened, there was a yellow ziplock bag that looked to be full of some unknown liquid, i poke it and then ask his nephew if he knows what it is. He picks it up and that's the moment we realised this was most likely piss. His nephew is absolutely disgusted and so was i tbh, but i still wanted to give my boyfriend the benefit of the doubt. Because the idea of me sleeping above a bag of piss wasn't something i found exciting.

When i enter the car with no phone and a confused and grossed out expression my boyfriend ofc asks me what was on my mind. I tell him i found his little contraption and asked him if there was piss in the bag. He gets defensive immidatly. He tells me most men have a piss bag and that i'm being insanely dramatic for telling him to maybe not do that. I want to express how insanely disgusting this is but he's absolutely convinced that i'm dramatic and he's perfecly normal. How do i handle this?

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