Bluey - The Death of Mackenzie

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I always been a Bluey fan in my whole entire life. one of my favorite characters is Mackenzie.

So I was going down the basement and I found a rare Bluey DVD and it has a title that says watch me but there is no sign of the Heelers. And I dismiss this as an insensitive joke because Bluey is a TV show with a bunch of humor.

However, I was wrong when I watched it.

The introduction looks normal but it had a horrific blood red background color like if it was some sort of Halloween special.

When it ended, Mackenzie and Bluey we're playing shops but until Mackenzie looks a bit sad and started quitting. Then Mackenzie began to cry he cried and cried but it doesn't sound like the actual cartoon crying.

It sounded realistic and absolutely miserable.

The only known screenshot

When Mackenzie stop crying and wiped his tears away. A hooded person that resembled Jean-Luc came and punched him causing him to get unconcious and put him on a bag and there was a title card that says "Lose a Friend". and the narration said "This Episode of Bluey is called, Lose a Friend"

there was a POV of Mackenzie on a grassy place without sidewalks or roads and the grass looked so realistic.

The man says go to sleep in a Russian accent.

And started cutting open Mackenzie's stomach and leaving his guts hanging out of his body and I got really sick when I saw that because how realistic it was.

Until it cuts to the gruesome looking carcass of Mackenzie. his eyes were rolled into his sockets, his tongue was sticking out and he was all covered in blood and guts while music box plays "It's a Small World"

I began to cry because Mackenzie was my favorite character.

The episode ended with the man revealing to be Jean-Luc and then grabbing the same knife and cutting his wrists. And then static and I had nightmares after whatever this monstrosity was.

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