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Blu was a normal girl. She loved to got to school and see her friends Cara and Angel. That was until she came home on here Birthday.

Today was May 11 and Blu was excited to get home and see what here mother have planned for her. When She arrived home, everything was quite. She didn't see any streamers or balloons. She began to wonder if her mother even remembered her birthday.

As she walked in and closed the door, she heard someone telling in the parents bedroom. She could tell it was her mother and walked quietly to the door. She opened it a little and saw her mother trashing the room and throwing ripping family picture up. She usually stayed away from her mother when she was angry. But then her mother turned around and Blu quickly began to run to her room. Her mother grabbed her by her arm and pulled her back to her. Blu had a terrified look in her eyes.Her mother then yelled," Your home early! Did you come for an early beating?!" Her mother shoved her over against a wall. There was a loud thud from Blu hitting her head. Her mother then slapped her and kicked her to her side. She knew her mother didn't mean to do this. But that's when something in Blu snapped. Her mother stopped for a second and grabbed the collar of her shirt. She opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by Blu punching her in the face and dashing out of the house.

Blu Ran. She ran as fast as she could into the woods. She didn't look back. She didn't stop until she no longer knew where she was in the woods. She stopped and looked around. She was terrified. Blu didn't know what to do. She sat down on a stump and began to cry.

She didn't go Back to the house for days. She knew to keep her distance from there. So she decided to got to a near by gas station near her house.

When she entered, she saw two people in white lab coats. One was a female and the other was a male. They turned to look at her and the smiled and walked over. The woman began," Hello young lady! Would you do us a favor? We won't hurt you we promise!" Blu thought before she answered." What favor? " " We wanted to know if you would help us with an experiment! Could you do that for us?" The woman asked.

"...No. I don't trust you..." Blu replied and began to walk put the gas station door.

" We don't take no for and answer." The woman's tone of voice changed and sound angered." Tranquilize her."

The man walk over and grabbed Blu and shoved and needle in her neck. Her vision started to get blurry. And every went black.

A few hours later, Blu woke up. She felt stiff. She looked down and saw she was strapped into a strep jacket. She struggled to get out of it but couldn't. She noticed a chain connected to the jacket the led into a wall. she didn't have a lot of chain to move around with. Then a door opened and a man with a needle walked in. Blu became scared and tried to move away but the chain kept her from moving to far. Then a voice came in on a mic and said," Test subject 13. Test number 101. Proceed on with the test. " The man shoved the needle into her arm through the jacket. She Screamed in pain and fell forward. " The subject is showing great signs of pain. Nothing out of the ordinary..." Blu felt terrible pain coming from her back. She felt like someone was beating her with a hammer.

" We are seeing a huge rise in heart rate...I think this might work!" That's when Blu heard a loud crack come from her back. She felt the pain slowly disappear.

" It worked! It actually worked! We were able to make a human sprout wings!"

Blu looked at her back and saw 8-10 feet long bird wings protruding from her back. They were a beautifully dark colored blue.

" Test subject 13, Please proceed to move the wings please." Blu became angered but did as the told. She flapped them once.

" Yes! Its a success!" She could hear some people cheering in the background. She became even more angered at what the were doing.

" We will continue test number 102 tomorrow." That's when the mic shut off. Blu sighed and looked at her wings again. She was tired and laid down and slowly fell asleep.

The next morning, Blu woke up with a jolt and sat up. She saw the same man with another needle in his hand. She panicked and backed up only to be held in place by the chain.

"Test number 102. Test subject 13. Please proceed on with the test."

Blu shut her eyes and felt the needle get shoved into her arm again. She felt the same pain coming from her back and she screamed in pain.

"Same signs. Heart beat increased high than before..."

She could hear cracking coming from her back and the pain became worse. She started to feel nauseated.

"Test subject show large amounts of pain... Wait! What's happening?!"

Blu felt her a loud crack and gasps coming from the back ground. She looked and saw that the wing to her right was mutating. It looked to be changing into a demon wing. The pain slowly started to fade and everything was silent. "The experiment didn't seem to work all the way...It only turned one of the wings into a... demon like wing...Interesting."

Blu felt even more angry than she was on the first experiment. She started to pull at her chain. The chain broke and every one gasped and began to panic.

"Guards!Get test subject 13 under control!"

Blu the struggled to rip the jacket open and heard a loud ripping sound. The jacket was easy pulled apart afterwards. She stretched and yawned. The guards came into the cell and pointed the guns at her.

" Freeze! Don't move!"

Blu glared at the and saw an opening between the gaurds. She flapped her new wings and a couple times and began to fly up off the ground a little.

"I said freeze!"

She then dived in towards the guards and through the door. She flew down the hall and took a right. She saw a door leading out side. If she could make it out that door, she would be home free! She flew down the white hall and broke through the door. An alarm went off and she looked back to see the lady standing out of the laboratory look at her in the sky. Blu smirked and flew off into the forest.

After a couple of hours of flying she became tired and flew down to the forest floor. She could hear people talking in the distance and she walk toward the voices. She saw her two best friends Cara and Angel. She called out their names.

"Cara! Angel! Over here!"

They looked over to right where Blu was hiding.

Cara began and said, "Blu! What are you doing here? We were worried that something happened to you!"

"S-something did happen..."

They both had confused looks on their faces until Blu came out from behind the tree and showed the her wings.

They looked in awe as they studied the wings protruding from her back.

Angel then asked,"Blu, what and how did you get these wings??"

"I... I was captured by scientists and... They tested on me..."

Their faces changed to surprise.

Angel then stuttered,"Wh-What? B-But..."

"It's okay...I'm fine."

She the felt something stab her in the back. She reached back and pulled it out. It was a tranquilize dart. She saw people come up from behind her friends and stab needles into their throats. They instantly passed out. Blu tried to fight back but her vision became blurry. Then, once again, everything went black. Blu woke up again in the same room. But she didn't have a strep jacket on. Instead she had he arms chained up to the wall. Along with her neck. She was able to walk around the room but couldn't get to the door. Not enough chains. She tugged at the chain but gave up. She the heard screaming. It was her friends. Then it was quite. Gun shots were heard after several minutes of yelling. Then the door to her cell was broken down. Angel and Cara walked in.

"Well? You coming or what?" Blu Smiled and pulled at her chains. They broke off and they all flew off. That's when Blu got a strong felling to... to hurt someone. Angel stopped and looked at Cara and Blu.

"Well, this is where we part my friends. But don't worry, We will meet once more." She smiled and flew off. Cara flew off in a different direction.

Blu was the last to leave.

- Weeks later -

Blu quietly climbed into Ashley's room.

She was sleeping peacefully. Blu smiled. She's Been watching her for the past couple of days and saw how bad of a child she was. She walked over the her bed and saw a mirror to her right. She saw her glowing green eyes and the cuts she made under her eyes to make it look like she was crying. She examined her self and was pleased on how the looked. She fixed her moon hair pin i her hair and looked at Ashley. She began to softly sing a song her mother used to sing to her when she was a baby.

"Twinkle,Twinkle, Little star, How i wonder what you are."

Ashley Sat up and looked at Blu. Blu's eyes grew brighter and Ashley was hypnotized instantly. Blu took out her knife and began to cut her neck while still singing the song.

"Up above the world so high. Like a diamond in the sky..."

She watch as Ashley chocked on her blood helplessly and tears began to pour out of her eyes.

"Good night..."

Blu smirked and took out her machete and sliced her head off.

She watched as Ashley's body feel and watched the blood splatter onto the walls. She wiped some of the blood off of her face and dipped her finger into the puddle that was forming on the bed. She walked to the mirror and wrote,"YOUR NEXT" and stood back. She giggled. She then quickly looked at the door to she the hall way light turn on. She quickly opened the window and slew out. She was satisfied that she killed another child that was bad and bratty. She smiled at the screams of her parents, and flew off into the woods.

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