Blood pop (prime hydration creepypasta)

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Do you know the drink prime hydration? well if you don't its a sports drink made by ksi and Logan Paul, now were up to date I am going to tell you about a horrible thing that has happened to me when I tried to get this drink.

I was at some store at 1am waiting for it to open, I saw a guy in a red hat he said "you are going to die" I said "shut up" and I punched him In the face, then he began to eat a ginny pig, the doors opened and we ran in, I got ice pop and I paid for it at the checkout, I was tired so I went to bed I woack up and it was 3 am and I was not tiara so I drank some ice pop, it tasted weird so look in the bottle and it was blood I spat it out because I didn't want aids, the bottle said blood pop on the front I was a scard, I look at the back and it said, it was expired 6/06/06 I was scard and I blacked out, I was in my dream I saw ksi and Logan Paul, they said something about how they were forced to distribute the drink to poison the human raise overtime by making the drink addictive and to slowly poisons them,i woak up in smoke I saw blood pop it said to me that it would kill me if I didn't make someone else drink it.

this is how Wario started his gaming career and became famous.

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