Blockland: Strange Happenings

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As most horror stories start, I was playing a rainy multiplayer map in Blockland; a Knife TDM, to be exact. I was hopping merrily along, slicing people into bits; when I got killed myself. :(

My camera switched to free mode, and I flew around the stage, observing.

When the round ended, I spawned and began to jump from platform to platform again. I noticed a figure standing far out on the horizon.

It was in the form of the standard blockland player model, colored white, but It had a strange tint to it.

In fact, it looked like the GLOW paint FX was sprayed all over the thing.

I also noticed that the other players were chatting things like "Citrus, your lagging bad." and "Wtf...Cit is glitching." I WAS lagging badly.

I quit and restarted the game, hoping I would be in luck.

My internet connection was very good, so It wasn't that.

When the MSDOS window finally finished loading, I re-joined the server.

When I spawned, I scanned the horizon again for the figure.

It wasn't there.

I began to wonder if it was a bot, created by the host. I tried to ask him, but he'd been AFK. I learned that he'd been that way ever since the server started, asking other players.

I was suspicious that it might be a copymod clone, or a hack. {copymod lets you make copies of yourself that you can control.}

On looking at server info, I saw the host didn't enable copymod. It struck me; "How did they paint the copy with what looks like Glow paint?" You could NOT do that with bots and players.

And, I seriously doubted that it was a hack, since in-game hacks cannot easily be done.

I turn around to see the players have vanished. I was shocked. I didn't see the blue notifications that someone connected or left the server when I hit page up.

By now, I was feeling the first trickle of worry.

I left the server, and took a look at the main list of them. Guess what?

All of them had reasonable amounts of players who were doing who knows what in the servers, according to the player count. (like 16/25)

When I joined each one....Nobody was there. I also noticed that each seemed morbid. Barren of life.

This was bad. I wondered if the master server encountered a huge error and crashed, or if a virus infected it.

Without warning, a loud screech interrupted my thoughts. The laptop screen Then grey. Then it shut off.

I quickly rebooted it, sweating. I re-installed blockland, and re-loaded all my add ons.

I felt a little better, and I entered my key.

I thought I saw a quick message pop up that said "This account no longer exists..."

Then it was gone.

Everything seemed to be working fine. I looked at the server list. There was one server named "Neugusm's Extremely Cool Server."

"Who is Neugusm?" I pondered his name. I'd never seen it before.

I was about to join for the heck of it, when I noticed the player count. "284/25."

This got me insanely creeped out, and I clicked "join" to see how there could be that many players there.

I found myself in a landscape even more barren than the others. Of course, there were no players. Spammy 1x1 bricks and plates littered the place.

I walked until I came across a road that seemed to stretch on and on. I did the useful crouch jump + jet combo, and was on my way down the road.

It stretched on and on. Eventually, I found a big sign that seemed out of place. It said "Hi."

This was the most insane thing I'd seen yet. As I continued, I began to see....bloody claw marks on the road. Gouged deep into the cement and blacktop.

Another sign came up- This one read "Bye."

I should of known.

Who would take the time to build this crap? I eventually journeyed so far into the map, everything became blackness. I fell through the floor, spiraling endlessly into a dark void.

I suddenly found myself on the blockland main menu. Except...the background didn't cycle. It was a picture of the glowing figure.

I tried shutting off my laptop, tired of this. It wouldn't respond.

The screen flashed, and I was in the "Yellow Feilds" map by GSF Ghost. The grass wasn't yellow.

It was a black, diseased color. Lightning flashed once, and I saw the white mystery figure, staring at me by a tree. Another flash. It was closer. Yet another. The figure was 3 feet from me. Flash. It was right in front of me. It's eyes were empty.

My computer made a buzzing noise, and a crackling sound.

My hard drive had melted.

I never saw it again, but I surely won't forget the horrible face of the specter, the barren plains, the decaying grass.

Pray you never see him.

Credited to StrangeHappenings
Originally uploaded on April 25, 2011

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