Bite of 1987 FNAF Theroy

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Golden Freddy is pulling the strings. Who brought life to the evil robot's? I think Golden Freddy did it. We all know Foxy caused the bite of 1987 am I right? Foxy was some how controlled by Golden Freddy. Golden Freddy is not normal does he look like any other robot you've seen before? Another theory I have is when your playing Five nights at Freddy's 2 Night 6 The phone guy mentions a yellow suit...sound familiar? Through out Night 6 Watch out for Golden Freddy.

Golden Freddy wants to kill you because you've gotten so far in the game and none of the robot's have not killed you yet because you know everything. When you make it to Night 6 Golden Freddy sets the robots on regular mode which means they are going to kill you some how but not being controlled by Golden Freddy. Golden Freddy try's to kill you him self but we don't know how the player completed Night 6. This theory is short but this is what I believe...

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