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It's been 5 hours without Bid Battles. I can't stop shaking and I'm having severe mental breakdowns. I woke up today trying to play the new update but the update wasn't coming, I had a major panic attack but managed to calm down after a few hours. I couldn't go to school today, I am so worried that I even took my dad's gun from the shed, thinking of killing myself. I am nothing without Bid Battles, it is my life, it is my destiny, without Bid Battles, I wouldn't be able to do anything. Bid Battles is the best thing ever made and I can't get rid of my addiction to it, it is the best game in existence. I can't stop trembling and crying, I am very worried. I used all of my money on Bid Battles, I bought the July 4th fedora, and bought a Dominus Frigidus for my girlfriend CoolDjoleProGamerYT. I don't know what to do. Roblox can't be gone any longer cause if it does then I'll go insane again... breaking my mouse, chair, house, and everything I own. Bid Battles is very amazing and I can't lose it. Bid Battles is my life, I met my amazing girlfriend John there, in Bid Battles, I was safes to the locksmith, when I saw this amazingly attractive woman named, CoolDjoleProGamerYT, she was so cute, I flushed. I found her home later then and tried to talk to her, she was so kind and cute that I accidentally typed my thoughts out, "mind: she's so cute..." and she flushed than I got nervous, we then went in and made out, after that, we went to buy so many stuff in the space base, where we bought two boys named Big Black Bagel, and Small White Bagel. Black and White were so cute that I even took them out of town and took them to the grading system. after the grading was finished it turned out to be a replica and I put Big Black Bagel and Small White Bagel on sale, then CoolDjoleProGamerYT got mad at me threatening me with a breakup, so I chopped her and put her on sale and a guy purchased her for 50%. At the end of the day I made so many profit that I was #1 on the net-worth. This was illegal. I fled the game.

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