Bernard Bear: At the Funeral

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Have you ever heard Bernard Bear? It's a South Korean CGI-animated show, known as Backkom in South Korea. It's about a fictional polar bear and main character of the same name. The show had some characters like Lloyd and Eva the penguins, Zack the lizard, Goliat(h) the chihuahua, Sam the baby, Pilot the dog, Pokey the porcupine and Santa Claus. The show was created by RG Animation Studios. Well, there was a episode that was NEVER aired.

The episode of the show that was seen was called in South Korea: "툰 링크의 죽음" ("Toon Link's Death") and in the US: "At the Funeral". The video clip name was "빼꼼 2 EP132 툰 링크의 죽음.avi" ("Backkom 2 EP132 Toon Link's Death.avi"). Toon Link, who appears in The Wind Waker in 2002/2003, was supposed to appear in this episode.

The intro plays normal, then the name of the episode appeared. It showed Bernard laying down, dead.

The episode played out like normal, with Bernard opening the door to go outside, but there was an newspaper at the door, He picks up the newspaper and it reads: "TOON LINK PASSED AWAY! - THE FUNERAL WILL BE LIVE AT 6:30 PM". Bernard was laughing and he went to the funeral. Then it faded to a funeral home. Lloyd and Eva were crying. Bernard came here to see Toon Link's coffin. He was drawn in hyper-realistic.

The scene then cut to the characters picking up Toon Link's coffin. Bernard was checking the tombstones, but things got creepy. You could see Zack holding a shovel, then it cuts to black. You could hear Bernard's scream. The screaming went on for about a minute. It finally stopped. Then, Zack staring at the camera, eerie music was heard, with continuously increased volume. He began to glitch. That was, until there was a deep close-up at his face. Then it cut to Bernard's tombstone reading "R.I.P Bernard Bear" next to Toon Link's.

After this, the regular credits played, followed by 15 minutes of static. Be careful, if you see a lost episode of Benard Bear, don't watch it!

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