Be Quiet in the Library

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Such a wonderful place to be

The place where silence is surround

The place where only I am found

Please be quiet in the library

Please be quiet when you come in

For I am here, relaxing and reading

Just be quiet when you sit down

From you shall not come a sound

Please go throw away your food

That book is not for you to keep

You are being awfully rude

No longer shall you utter a peep

Please do not struggle, do not squirm

For I am there to hold you firm

My knife runs across your cheek

Upon your skin I make soft streaks

I see that you begin to cry

I watch as you try to fight

I jam the knife into your eye

Your screaming reaches at its height

I slam the knife into your tongue

I watch as it goes limp and numb

Through my hands your warm blood runs

And suddenly you have ended my fun

So lovely with a book in your face

What a wonderful child you've come to be

Instead of speaking words of hate

You're just quiet in the library

Credited to Avenging Angel

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