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One evening, Tommy had been digging in his garden only to uncover a large, round, white-skin colored object. He tried to yank the thing out of the ground, but it had been quite stuck, and he tugged as hard as he could until it came out of the ground. Tommy heard something moan and he ran away, terrified.

When Tommy went inside, he showed the skin-colored thing to his mother (who thought it was an unusual sort of vegetable) and said that they would add it to their stew later on for dinner.

When dinner came around, Tommy's father carved the thing into three pieces and they had cooked it in their stew. After eating, the three were ready to go to sleep. Tommy went to his bedroom, and almost instantly had fallen asleep, but he had woken with a start as he had heard a strange howl coming from outside:

"Where are my ba-a-a-alls?"

Tommy covered his head up and shut his eyes, hoping to just get back to sleep, but he shot his eyes open again as the voice was even louder:

"Where are my ba-a-a-alls?"

Tommy let out a breath and kept his covers over his head, shivering. The voice could be heard at his back door, downstairs:

"Where are my ba-a-a-alls?"

The back door had been heard being opened and shut, and the stairs being climbed slowly. Thump, thump, thump. Tommy kept the covers over his head and his eyes shut tight as the voice had now reached his bedroom door:

"Where are my ba-a-a-alls?"

Tommy, frozen with fear, heard his door open, and felt a presence in his room walk right up next to him and yank off the covers...


Written by Meaty
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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