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I am Jack, a 16 year old kid living in the country.  Recently,  I learned that nintendo was making a new console, so naturally, I wanted to buy it, being a nintendo kid. It was codenamed "Blue64." Huh, didn't they already make a 64 bit console? I let that thought slip from my mind. A contest happened, saying that a lucky raffle winner would get a package including 2 games and a zap gun, like the SNES'. I entered it and, hey, whaddya' know? I won the raffle. So, I set it up.

The first game I put in was Super Mario 64: The Second Edition. It started up like the original Mario 64, until I entered the save selection menu. There was a save file already, even though it was fresh out of the package. It was called "SMOKE," as a new feature was apparently naming save files. So I booted it up, and it showed a crying Princess Peach, while Princess Daisy was holding a gun to her head. The cutscene dragged on for 5 minutes, until suddenly Mario showed up. He shouted "You're'a gonna pay for this!" Then, he pulled a rifle out of a gun holster clearly made for a pistol. I could control mario now, but all I could do was move the crosshairs to aim at an impatient Princess Daisy. I pressed the A button, and Daisy started bleeding hyperrealisticly. She charged towards the screen, and the screen flashed to black.

After maybe 10 minutes, the screen turned to white, and I was controlling Luigi. He was in a pure white room, and all that was in there was a bag of weed, a drain, and a shower head attached to the ceiling. I went and collected the bag of weed, just to feel like I accomplished something. Suddenly, the room started to fill with a hyperrealistic liquid, that turned out to be acid. Luigi screamed and dissolved hyperrealistically, his eyes bulging out hyperrealistically. Soon, he was just a skeleton. But then I heard a dripping noise in my house, and saw a liquid drip onto my counter, melting it. I quickly ran out of the house. My house sank into the ground, and Princess Daisy jumped out of the chimney. The chickens, cows, and pigs were all murdered in increasingly brutal ways. Mario's corpse was being dragged along the ground by Daisy. She had his rifle, and a tied up Princess Peach. She shot Princess Peach repeatedly, and then her nails grew into knives and cut her open. I ran to the neighbors, and instead of ridding the omniverse of this awful beast hell-bent on devouring my soul and killing everything that even slightly came her way, I turned on the television screen, which was showing the Blue64 startup screen, except the logo was different.

It was bloodstained and said "BLOOD64." After this moment I felt what could only be described as dying slowly and painfully inside, realizing the hours I wasted with this wretched game, images of the deceased characters flashing in my head so rapidly I couldn't think straight, until I saw the retchid abomination herself in my mind, unable to get her out, her image etched in my soul for as long as I exist in either Hell or life, and I realized that I would never reach Heaven, and I was stuck in this painful hell on earth that was too painful to bear. I fainted, and when I woke up I was in the room Luigi was in, except there was no showerhead, acid, or weed.

My television was there, as well as the dreaded system itself. I knew there was no way out except for playing the rest of the wretchid abomination that should've never had mario's face plastered on it, a product of hell itself, and the other, probably just as awful game. I turned on the tv, and it showed a happy mario. He opened his mouth,  and blood poured out, nonstop. Skeletons rose out of the tv, as well as the mario. The skeletons popped out of holes in the wall, and I died. I revived because princess peach appeared, but i am stuck in this room forever.

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