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This Is The Story Of A Young Boy Called Blacky.

He wasn't actually called Blacky in the first place his name was Joseph

Joseph wasn't any ordinary boy this boy was unique he very fast has great stamina amazing strength he was the smartest at maths in school but his one favorite thing he wanted to be was a crow that was his favorite bird they just look so amazing he would always play with crows but when he saw any other animal he would kill them and stab a needle through them and tie them to a zip line so they would stay there and he could look at them when he was bored but he was never amused of looking at them he wanted to kill something else even better a bigger animal maybe a mountain lion but would he have the guts to kill that?

WAKE UP JOSEPH Said Miss Martin AKA The Teacher.

Huh yeah, im awake now replied joseph I will not allow you to sleep in my class get out NOW!!

as Joseph was about to leave the class he felt angry he knew he had to do something when the school ended joseph followed Miss Martin home when she arrived he smashed a hammer on her head leaving her bleeding he took her into her house and then smashed her head more and more until it would get flat then he got gasoline and poured it on her then set miss martin on fire after she burned out joseph put her inside a plastic bag and smashed her up into pieces he was happy with what he had done he thought "This is way better than killing animals."  

Joseph arrived at school the next day thinking should of I did that to miss martin who is gonna be our teacher now? joseph went to sit down and saw a substitute teacher he started doing his work when it got to break time he thought about who shall I kill now he grabbed a girl by her neck and through her to a bathroom and then punched her so many times he got a pencil and stabbed her eye with it blood was oozing from her eyes Joseph was laughing so much he left the body and said I won't kill anybody but if they trouble me ill put them back down there.

The police were called by a witness and then joseph punched the witness and then took the girls boy in a big black bag and ran but he was slow because she was heavy he had to drop her off somewhere but all his DNA would be on the body and bag what should he do? joseph ran to the nearest ocean and threw her in there he then ran and smashed a window of a car got inside and drove miles to get out of that town he went to a residents house and said he needed the shower the kind lady let him in he ran to the shower used it got himself clean and then went to the airport he had stolen that women`s money then he got on a plane and arrived at the United Kingdom he then rent a place with that resident's money and he wasn't that scared anymore because the police wouldn't find him now would they?  

A few days later somebody knocked at josephs door it was the police PUT YOUR HANDS UP GET ON THE GROUND The police shouted joseph got arrested and claimed as Mentally Insane he then got sent to the mental hospital where he had to take 3 pills every day what the doctors didn't know there was that those pills were making him more crazy meaning If he was released nobody would be alive accept for him he wasn't a pleasant human being or was he even human? 

Original author unknown

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