Attack of The Pirate Monkeys From Space

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Once I was with my best friends, and we were having a great time playing a vuideo games together, when I notice out of the corner of my eye a mysterious figure in the kitchen holding a DVD in it's hand. When I got to the kitchen, we saw that there was no more mysterious figure, just the DVD. So we decided to watch whatever was on the DVD. But there was also a note. It said:

"Dear friend, this DVD must be destroyed immediately. Your our only hop. Love, Billy."

I didn't know anyone named Billy for at least 2 weeks, so I ingord everything he said and we plugged the DVD into the toaster. What we saw we horrible. There was a 3 men in a picture all ded with their entrails coming out of their tummy, and they're eyeballs were gone. It was pretty hyper-realistic if yiou ass me. It was so beautiful I creamed myself. In disgust, I took off my sticky shorts and threw them in my friends face. Completely naked from waste down, I looked at the back of the note.

In comic sans it read, 'I'M CUMING. - EVIL PATRIXXX"

But they aleready came. Teh pirate nomkeys from space. They stuffed my anus until it was bigger then my face. To this day, I still cry when thinking about it. The end.

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