Arcade Nightmare

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i went into an arcade one day after my ds's battery ran out with pokemon pearl in it. and saw: a polybius machine! (my camra was busted) after blowing all my $$$ i went home. that night was when it all began. i dreamed i was on a wierd orange rock planet. i saw a ship like in an...arcade game i flew it into an astroid belt (actually it was on autopilot untill it was smashed by an astroid.) i flew it through a...maze. there were astroids as a floor and celing. after getting through athe maze. i ran out of fuel. and crashed on a lavender planet like the one earlier. finding a wierd temple, the only way out of the ravine. i found a puzzle of putting rocks with the clue of 123, knowing the condition i have (assignigning numbers, leters, etc collors) i put blue, red, green in that order. i went in. i went my way and encountered another puzzle involving torches of colors. figuring it out, i put blue first, red second, and green third. at the last one, a telescope with a triforce in it. i put the gems in the order of one, the telescope sent a radio wave...somewhere. i saw a meteor crash in the next room. i awaited the next puzzle. but saw... HIM! seeing him, i said, slenderman. then...ben came out and ghost from 1 and 3 gen pokemon games. slenderman threw rocks at me, ben made everything catch fire and ghost shot cursing lasers, i noticed it was to represent the puzzles, i got to the ship, no longer totaled. and i flew to a gold star. and woke up. i opened my door and saw... planks i kicked them out. i saw mom crying and asked what was wrong she told me i had been missing for...3 years! i thought 1 per challenge. i went back to the arcade and saw a pale man in a tux who was bald he put a usb in and left. i saw him not using his mouth and hiding his face i thought...slenderman you a**hole.

i would like to thank whoever made the one where missingno dragged him into a dream like real-life pokemon for ideas

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