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Aofie (EE-FA) was a very fun 13 year old girl. She was kind, fun, funny, caring, loving and outgoing. Her personality didn;t just make her popular. It was also her beauty. Aofie had dark brown hair with faint red and blonde tints that shown in the sunlight. Her hair went to her upper back, and her bangs cut across, covering her eyelids. Her eyes were a light, sparkling shade of green that always lit up when she was happy. Aofie's skin was pale. It was the color of snow, and a creamy white mixed together. Her skin never had any blemishes or imperfections. Aofie had the right face, personality, smile... and hobby. She loved to make jewelry from her own items and always liked to wear them. Many girls were jealous of Aofie and one day, jealousy won.  Aofie was sitting on her bed, her legs crossed with a magazine resting upon them. Her eyes scanned every word and picture slowly. Aofie "ooohed" and "aaaaa'd"  at the colorful display of jewelry and art work. As she read, her phone started to vibrate loudly. With an annoyed sigh, Aofie's hands grasped her phone from her jeans and put it to her ear. "Hello?" Aisu spoke. "Yo.. E.. hey i wanted to know if you wanted to go to the park with Sue, Lola, and me?" Said a voice intruding from the phone's speakers. "Oh hey Miranda.. yeah that sounds nice." Aofie felt a smile form unto her face as she listened. "Okay E.. I will come pick you up. Lola and Sue will be in the car. Bye!" And with that, Miranda hung up. Aofie just sat there, a confused expression adorning her face. Miranda sounded so.. rushed and excited. Almost as if she couldn't wait to do something. "Hmm" Aofie shrugged as she put her phone down and got out of bed. Aofie hurried into her bathroom and slammed the door shut. She put on her clothing and started applying her eye shadow, mscara, eyeliner, lip gloss, and blush. After minutes of looking at her reflection, Aofie smiled and placed her hands on her hips, turning around and posing. Her coral pink skirt reached just inches above her knees. Her neatly knitted  white sweater treached the black belt holding her skirt in place. Her brown fuzzy boots made the outfit look complete. She smiled as she put her hair into a bun. Soon, a car honking broke the eerie silence, and Aofie quickly ran outside. She stopped beside a 2010 red mercedes gullwing. The windows rolled down and a pretty girl with blonde hair and blue shades on looked at Aofie, a smug look replacing her face. "Oi.. E.. don't just stand there like an idiot. Get in the freaking car." Miranda spoken in a very agressive tone. Aofie, looking puzzeled by Miranda's actions, simply nodded and got into the car. As they were driving Aofie looked over to one of her friend's known as Lola. Lola was a cute girl with auburn hair and dark hazel eyes. As Aofie turned away, she could have sworn she saw Lola look at her and glare, hatred filling her eyes. Aofie looked out the window and placed her chin upon her hand. She was completely confused and clueless to why her friends were acting so.. mean. 15 minutes passed by, and the car stopped as it drove into the park. Miranda stopped, and parked the car as she turned to face Aofie. " Hey... E.. we are here." Miranda said with an emotionless tone. Aofie stared Miranda in the face and forced a smiled. "Okay Miranda." The four girls got out of the car and walked into the park. Miranda, Sue, and Lola stayed behind Aofie, whispering loudly to each other. This made Aofie uneasy as she walked along the grass towards the entrance. Aofie walked through the gate and stopped as she heard the gate close and lock. "Haha.. looks like E won't be able to get out huh girls?" A voice had laughed behind her, joined by 2 other giggles. Aofie turned around and looked at her 3 friends, frowning with bewilderment as they moved towards her giggling into their hands. Miranda was the first to speak up. "Come on girls, take out those weapons that I gave you." Miranda had looked at Lola and Sue, her laughter getting even louder by each passing second. "You got it Miranda!" Lola had spoken aloud.  "I have mine right here!" Shouted Sue, who laughed as she looked at the item in her hand. Aofie paled, her eyes gazing at the objects her 3 friends were holding as they begin to come closer. "W-what.. what are you guys d.. ACK!"  Aofie eyes widen as her body stood still. She slowly glanced down as pain begin to radiate throughout her body. Warm salty tears spilled down her rosy cheeks and landed on to her clothing, which was now turning red.  Aofie reached down and touched a black handle, screaming to herself as she ripped it out and throwing it unto the earthy surface. Laughter and whispers of mock were heard all around her. "Hahaha.. awwwww is poor little Aofie hurt?" Sue had looked down at Aofie, smirking. Another round of chuckles filled the air. "Here let me make the pain go away..!" Said Sue. More screams and shouts of agony and pain were heard as the terrible sound of knife piercing flesh and bone had spread throughout the air like food coloring spreading through water. Sue stepped back joining her 2 friends as the glared down at the poor girl. A sudden thump and the sound of breath leaving a body. Blood and gore soaked the ground as Aofie laid on her stomach, moving no more. Lola panted along with Miranda and Sue. "Girls, we need to go before someone sees us!" Miranda bit her lip and hooked her arms around her friend's hands, dragging them out of the park.  The wind and the swaying of trees and leaves broke the silence in the empty park. Aofie still positioned face down, her body rigid and stone cold. ".......mmmmm." Slight whimpering came from Aofie's broken form. She slowly pushed herself to her knees and sat on them as she held her head down, her bangs and hair covering her face. "Ahhaahahahahaha!!!" Aofie started laughing. She looked up at the sky and just.. laughed. Her sanity had slipped away between her fingers from the attack. Aofie stood up and looked at her wounds, a wicked smile taking over her entire face. Her left eye twitched as she lightly touched her wounds and begins digging inside of them with her fingers. This made her laugh and smile even more. As she looked around she saw a bathroom and walked there, her movements halted with pain and slowness. When she got inside she noticed her reflection in a long mirror located in a corner. Aofie observed herself, the smile never leaving her face. Her coral skirt was now ripped and torn, and covered in blood. Her arms and legs had blood dribbles and blood splatters as had wounds and holed aligned on them. Her white sweater was now  rose red as a large hole was in the middle of her stomach.  She had a now very messy bun with blood stains drenching her hair. Her fuzzy brown boots were now partially red and brown as she made footprints caked with blood. But her face... it looked so... different. She still looked pretty.. but insane. Her pale skin gave off a scary glow as blood dribbled from the right corner of her mouth.  Aofie wanted what all crazy killers wanted. Blood...death.. and revenge. And she wasn't going to stop until she murdered. But first.. she needed to find her attackers. And once she did.. she would torture them and kill them just like they tried her. But then, Aofie got an idea as she looked at her neck and wrists. "I need new jewelry.." Aofie's calm but breathy and timid voice was traced with disappointment as she realized she had no jewelry on. She laughed with an idea. "But I can get special jewelry now won't I.. E?" Aofie smiled with excitement as she tapped her chin. "I could get eyes for earings... teeth and hair for necklaces.. and intestines along with fragments of bones for bracelets!! I can use tongues for pendants!!!" Aofie grinned at her lovely idea and walked out of the bathroom and towards the gate of the park. "This will be fun.."

Credited to Ashiieee

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