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There are three groups in this world: amongus, non amongi and anti amongist. These groups derived from the 2020 game "Among Us", which was a huge success back in the day. Since then, the world population, which is currently approximately 8 billion people, has been separated into these three categories. The amongus, who are the supporters of the cult, the non amongi, who do not support the amongus nor rebel against them, and finally the anti amongists who absolutely hate the amogus with a dark passion. Same can be said for the amongus. In this essay, I will be explaining what is an anti amongist, and why or why shouldn't you be an anti amongist. An anti amongist, in the most basic definition, is an anti-cultist. They hate the amongus, and try their best to make the non amongi turn to the dark side. The anti amongists, however, are not the bad guys. Rather, they are one side of an impending war. Anyone can choose to be an anti amongist if their beliefs line up with an anti amongist. Anti amongists usually have a loudspeaker with them and will report any amongus to the government. This can get quite annoying, that is why half the government is committed to preventing this incoming sus war. To become an anti amongist, you must commit to the cause and do your best to wipe out the amongus by any means possible. That means you have access to government banned nukes, firearms, and the five infinity stones. However, by being an anti amongist, you will be considered an outcast to both the amongus and non amongi. Your hands will be tainted by the blood of the innocent, and your name will be washed in red. That is the consequence of being an anti amongist. With great power comes great sussyness. I will conclude this essay here. Thank you.

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