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I found an episode of Annoying Orange a few days ago, and I'd like to share my experience with you guys.

It was 12:00 midnight, and I was on ABC3, waiting for commercials to end. I saw the intro for Annoying Orange start up and I sighed in disgust because I hated this show.

After the intro, the episode started with Orange pissing off Pear. I gave a slight "boo" due to the overused and annoying laugh that Orange makes. Finally, Pear had enough of Orange. His face turned into that of pure hatred as he picked up the knife that was used for cutting other fruits/vegetables and started slashing violently at Orange. Orange screamed in pain and agony after Pear finally cut him open. A few seconds later, the screaming stopped, and Pear looked at the screen. His eyes were red, and he was smiling at the screen. He stared for about 10 seconds before saying, "Daniel, you better praise me, for I have built up the confidence to end Orange. If you don't praise me, then you're dead." I gasped as the outro played. It looked like it was made in MS Paint. After the outro, one final image was displayed on screen.

It was of Orange, with dark, soulless eyes that seemed to be staring at something off-screen.

I was shaking at the moment. I walked into the kitchen to get my phone and tell everyone about what just happened. I was in the middle of writing a text when my power suddenly went out. The entire house was dark, except for my phone screen, which illuminated the kitchen. The power turned back on and I looked at my feet. What I saw made me scream.

There was a pear, holding a knife.

Credited to RedAngryCrab

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