Anime.exe 2: Lizard Squad Returns

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I'm back です

Hello, I'm the weeaboo that had to endure the bullshit that the author put me through in the last story. I died, and I want my revenge, and the best way to do that is to defeat Lizard Squad. I couldn't imagine what my waifus would do without me, so I possesed my own dead body as a ghost to bring it back to life again, so I could become a sugoi haxor to bring down Lizard Squad.

Anonymous は sugoi です

When I came back to life, I saw that I recieved an e-mail from the hackers on steroids, Anonymous. They treated the Internet like a video game, and they played it well. After several 80's training montages from the greatest sensei of anonymous, I became a master haxor high in their ranks, and highly skilled at Ddosing. To defeat the evil ddosers of lizard squad, I would hack into their mainframe to extract more files. It felt like I was Daru hacking into SERN (had to make a dank Steins;Gate reference you know?). The file I extracted was named anime2.exe. This had to be the key to defeat Lizard Squad.

Anime2.exe です

When I opened the file, I saw the edgiest and spookiest content I ever saw in my life. The screen said,"Click to access MGSV DLC". I clicked the screen, and then the screen said "MGSV CHAPTER 3". It opened to a mission in the game, but it lacked one thing in the opening credits for the mission, it lacked the name Hideo Kojima. I then saw Snake start to kill all the child soldiers for the pride of America. Snake didn't fail the mission at this point, he succeeded. If that wasn't edgy enough, what I saw next was even edgier. Snake started to get raped by Ocelot while they both started bleeding hyper-realistic blood. At this point I was too curious to see what would happen next. I knew I made the wrong decision. The file played the whole series of Elfen Lied 696 696 696.696969 times.

The End です

I felt like I couldn't handle all the edge. Watching Elfen Lied that many times made me feel like I was going to cut myself. Before I did however, I did an epic Ddos on Lizard Squad and Konami just to give them the finger for MGS. However, I still couldn't handle all the edge, so I cut myself.

I died again.

The End.

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