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I'm blown away, honestly. Such emotion has never been conveyed to me by a real person, let alone a cartoon. The way their faces twitch when they hear new information, the way they move to get more comfortable, the imperfections in their appearance, the change in the atmosphere that you can tell without the angle changing. That seemed like a problem to me, at first, but then I thought 'I wouldn't have gotten this full experience at any other angle with any other view of them' and really, that makes me glad that this is what they went with. Their imperfections, good lord their imperfection. They're so realistic and just... human that it HURTS me to watch this, because it reminds me of myself and makes me self-conscious. The colors are beautiful. I don't understand colors, but these are just great. They give off a lot of character on their own, and showcase what type of people these people are off screen and the attitude they carry into their house and the imprint they leave on their surroundings. Their body movement is so smooth, I'm surprised that such animation can exist. It's so smooth that it's lifelike, but the characters still look cartoony keeping this light and fun. I don't know what their saying, or what's going on for that matter, but I feel invested. Like I know these people. I love this so much. What is this film's name, and where can I find it?

Credited to Hood Spawn 

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