Animaniacs: tehh depreessing deeth

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I was I huge fan of the animaniacs ad still am, but one fatful day I culd almot never look at it the sam way again. It was 2013 I was on my dirctv chanall gud and I saw a lost episode of tehh animaniacs was on @ 3:00 Am. When it was 3:00 am I went to the tv and I went to tehh hub netwooork and the intro started but all tehh aido was in revess and when the titl card shows it was writan in hipa reitic bloood and it red: "tehh depreessing deeth" and it cut to mr potz looking at graps in mirosooft exl and said: I'm tired of those kids bringing down prfits I need to get rid o them and he got a terrible idea, he decided to kill them, but before he could do anything a sillot of a man said: not if I had anything to say about it! The sloot took out a pistol and shooted plotz too deeth and more hipa relisic bloood spewed everywhere. the siloot ran to a gas main and broke the pipe and lit a match and the office exploded and the explosion caused a chain reaction and all the other buildings in the lot exploooded and thean the door of the water tower was opend and Dot showed: what's all the racket!? And thean they all shouted after they saw what was happening the scurried down the tower and ran out of the movie lot before it fully exploooded and when the final explosion occurred the screen faded to black and text popped up on the screen for 20 seconds saying: "after the explosion occurred Yakko, Wakko, and Dot where the only survivors but everyone else died, and sadly we will never know who the man that killed Plotz and exploooded the movie lot is" and then the credits rolled. I was shocked and I wanted everyone else to know about it lukaly I recorded the episode, i sent a email to Warner Brothers asking all the questions I had about it they responded 20 minutes later, and this is what they said: "dear, valued user, for clarification: we did not ever make the episode an employee from 2006 made it, they payed the voice acaters for characters in the episode 100k each to do it, and they hijaced your local hub network station and aired the episode (we've just only now found out about this) to make up for the trouble we will give you 2 million dollars and a free tour of the studio, so don't be late! Have a good life - Warner Brothers studios" I put the recording on a dvd and showed it to my friend. He said he had never seen an episode like that before. And then I put it on YouTube and it whent virul and I got tons of comments from people saying it was fake even though I was assured people it wasn't. The video is probably still up there and if you find it make Shure to keep it safe. Oh, and by the way I'm rich and best friends with Yakko, Wakko, and Dot now. (Yes they are real)

The end

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