An Odd Dream I Had When I Was Five

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The story starts out on a ship in the middle of the day we were moving along quite well experiancing no real dangers it was a nice ship as well.

I could see the ship through the eyes of who i would believe to be incharge of the food and such. I (I will just say I for the person to save time) was conversing with a creature that looked like charmander from pokemon about how It is going to be made into chips to be eaten it agreed sadly as i walked off to the next of the creatures.

This creature Also was going to be made into food it would be the dips for the chips made from the thing resembaling charmander I would have to guess this was a bulbasoar. It Did not want to be made into a meal for the other patrons so it pleaded with me as i denied it without showing any signs of remorse or sorrow for its life even though it was sentiant and tears were going down its eyes.

Later on I would find myself shearing the flesh from the still living charmander with a razor. There was no blood or gore most likely because I was five at the time and did not even know what it looked like but there were signs of pain and as I carved into its flesh I stil felt no sympathy for the creature begging for me to stop I may have even found it humorus.

I beleive the making of the dip was a repressed memory but I can figure it involved my mashing the other creature into a paste and adding seasoning.

The story would end with Me enjoying the chips and dip not feeling any regret at all.

I believe this was a dream about cannabalism seeing as I was five and my mind would concept the eating of sentiant creatures over humans because I was young but that was probably what the dream was about.

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