An Average Day in the Life of Skepolo

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>be australian

>pay $600000000 AUD ($0.50 USD) a month for 56kbps internet

>go over data cap while loading a paragraph of text

>no cell phone service in the outback, have to drive the ute into town and renew data plan

>drive for 3 days

>pay $20 a litre for petrol along the way

>drive for 3 more days

>finally get to the ISP offices

>talk to the shelia receptionist

>trip over

>drop pocket knife

>cunt behind me says "you call that a knife?"

>starts laughing and pulls out his own knife

>"this is a knife"

>sheila starts laughing

>everybody in the building starts laughing

>cunts on the sidewalk start laughing

>pick up can of fosters

>walk out the building

>get killed by drop bear


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