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Trump wins and in a few months is assassinated by suicide bomber biden who is bitter about losing the election.

This results in Bernie Sanders, AOC, Kamala Harris and the rest of the democrats creating a resistance group against now-president pence.

The public doesn't give them support however since pence had solved everything.

There was no poverty, no crime, no corruption, just pence. The cartels stopped working because everyone could get high of pence.

He gave a speech right after solving everything where he raised a flaming a fly up in the air and a bald eagle perched on his shoulder as china blew up in the background.

This speech made it clear that penceism has become the dominant religion as the rest of north america and south America and most of europe joined the pence empire.

Seeing it as hopeless the resistance fled to Chad, which has united africa into a single nation.

Meanwhile the emus and the kangaroos join forces and overthrew the Australian government and immediately began aiding the kiwi rebels in NZ. They united into the kameruwi federation and conquered Indonesia and Oceania and forced apartheid like laws on those under them who were not of pure kiwi, kangaroo or emu descent.

A group of anime watching, rubik's making weebs took over japan and established the weeb union.

They conquered Asia and established underwater cities in the sea that once was china.

The weeb union and the pence empire established an alliance and invaded Chad. The country was divided between the 2 and the resistance fighters were massacred.

Switzerland sensed a war was about to erupt and being the only nation that wasn't conquered by the weebs, penceians or the kameruwi thery decided to flee.

They confiscated all the money from the bank accounts and used it to mass produce swiss cheese [which had been turned into a volatile substance after years of experimentation].

They used the cheese to create an air bubble around Switzerland and used the anti grav abilities of the cheese to detach itself from the rest of the planet. They essentially turned the country into a space ship.Switzerland shot off into space leaving behind a giant hole on Europe.

Meanwhile, God emperor Pence declared the kameruwi to be heretics and declared war on the kameruwi federation. The weebs joined their allies.

Knowing that they couldn't match the full might of the weebs and pence. The kameruwi released a secret weapon. They used the dna of Bernie Sanders and Trump to create an unstoppable monster.

As soon as they released the beast, everything went wrong. It exploded and destroyed the entirety of Australia. The weakened federation was quickly defeated by the alliance who began to exterminate the undesired inhabitants.

However, right after the partition of the federation, the weebs backstabbed the pence empire and so another war began between the only 2 nations left on Earth.

The pence empire assassinated all of the weeb's anime artists, which severely weakened the weebs. The final blow however, was when God emperor pence created the eterno cube.

An object made of dark energy. He used this to trap the weebs in an eternal abyss of darkness for eternity.

After decades of conquest the planet was finally under the Holy one himself. God emperor pence retreated into his palace leaving his empire in the hands of Will Smith the wicked.

It appeared as though the future would be prosperous as the penceians began colonizing the solar system but they were woefully unaware of what was happening elsewhere.

Switzerland had migrated to the far reaches of the galaxy and established the Galactic Swiss Federation.

And after little debate the swiss agreed upon something: they want their planet back


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